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    [buying] F2p Strength Pure [buying]I'm looking to buy a f2p str pure. Requirements: 40 Attack (must) 50+ str 1 def (must) 1 pray (must) 1-50 range (dont want a range 2h pure so preferably low) No recoveries No email-registration Looking to pay with RSGP anywhere between 1-10m Will go first to trusted members otherwise you go first Serious offers onlyBuyin f2p pureHey im looking for a 49+cb acc with 70/80 range 70/80 str 1 pray and 1 def got 20m to spend.selling corrupt pure with 80 dung FOR RSGPlevel 80 dung, 81 str, 20 attack, 70hp, 60 range, and 47 magic. Combat 49 I screen share u the accounts once we have reached an agreement on the price of the account. The account will be at a bid starting at 20m RSGP. If interested add my cameron.miller41. My computer is not allowing me to upload pics, but i will screenshare you the account. I am not a scammer. 100% legit.level3 skiller 10mill rsgpi have a level 3 nonmember skiller fishing is 73 willing to take 5-10mill fore it right now ill show the ac when we you send me messige to trade99 Str. 1 Atk, 40 Def. 58Cmb, Mauler (105m)a/w!hey guys, Davino here. Im selling a level 58, OBBY TANK! I Bought this account recently From A Very Trusted User/Mod. Awesome Stranger. Unfortunatly, I Need $$$, And Pking isnt my thing. Awesome Stranger Can Verify That All The Account Info is Correct, (cause he created the account) But IS Not Liable, Cause the account is out of his hands. (prev Passwords) , Creatoin Date Etc, There are no email or recoverys, (OMM will verify). Ive Had it For less than a mounth!. I only Accept Rsgp (because its non refundable, Then i will sell Rsgp to a very trusted user. (rsgp is valued at .40C/m) ( Bid AWAY) Tos:, I will Not go First, We will use (A VERY trusted Omm/Mod, If awesome stranger will do it then we will use him). I only accept RSGP. : [email protected][[Buying]] g2hpure or range 2her 1def must[Rsgp]hey everyone, looking to buy a g2her range 2her or a str pure these are a must on the acc for me to atleast consider! 40att (45 if g2her) 1def 1-31 pray pending on the stats 80+range 80+str im willing to spend 50m on a pure so get back to me! looking for trusted people aswell.Buying level 3 accounts with wc.Need woodcutting accounts. Must be! Level 1-20 and have a rune axe. Woodcutting level MUST be : 70+ 400k each post or pm me.Buying 99 Mage Pure!Hey I'm looking for a 99 mage pure, no other stats is really necessary but it would be a bonus!
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