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    **Trading 102 main (w/bunny ears for STR pure**:/s1143.photobucket/ Level 102 main with bunny ears and 3m worth of stuff with all hard quests done for a str pure. Ill use a OMM.[RSGP][SWAPS]Great lvl 92 Zerker!!!Im looking to sell/swap this account as i need the money to make a new pure. Some basic quests on it are done. MM and RFD up to mith gloves so far. Has recoveries but i will give you them or take them off if you walk me through it. A/W 100m STRT THE BIDDING!!Lvl 81 Range Tank w/93 mage + Firecape + Torso + Fighter helmADD ME ON : [email protected] Vouches - sythe/showthread.php?t=1077288 The accounts stats have now been changed for the goood. Pm me a message and i'll send you the udsername it's 45 dung also and 89 range 93 mage. All of my trades and chat will be recorded, therefore any scamming/scammers will recieve a long term ban. OMM - Your fees Or you first Possibly doing 50/50's but only to certain members whom I deem trustworthy. I'll only go first to people with plenty of vouches. Only accepting RSGP, I'll give you all the account information. Currently a MEMBER. Open to all offers. The account is a good range staker, and mage boxes well too. It has zuriels staff to cast miasmic blitz, and blood barrage to slap melee'ers and rangers in 'no movement' 'No special' duels. Very good staker, with reasonable hp. Happy bidding, there is no A/W but high offers I think appropriate will A/W ahapaying 200m for amazing pures ( 1 2 3)this is for all the legit players out there this will be the last acc i buy due to being scammed the last 2 accounts iv bought so this time scammers gtfo if i dont think ur trusteworthy i wont even talk to you im looking for a very good pure all types may be acceptible depening on stats i will be offering 1-200mill ech account i will be useing a offical mm of my choice or yours must be offical for recovery test do NOT post if ur new because i already dont truste you past 2 scammers were new i will pay half of mm fees post stats and u or pm meSelling SkillerHey my friend from sythe told me to come here due to less scammers. I'm selling my cb 69 SkillerGold Farming Account. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with The account comes with 2 months of membership. Any offers will be considered, either post below or contact me via - [email protected] Thank you![rsgp]~swap~ selling rune pure low lvl [rsgp] ~swap~hi ! im seling my rune pure for rsgp or swap for pure here pic i51.tinypic/3486ogn.png tinypic/r/if22pt/7 tinypic/r/jfdkap/7 tinypic/r/4g54kj/7 tinypic/r/r0cc9s/7 tinypic/r/ndmn85/7 tinypic/r/v7cdnl/7 add my [email protected][RSGP/PP] PURE: 64 combat, 94 Range + 82 [1 DEF, 1 PRAY]Title is self-explanatory. I am aware that there are recoveries and a pending email. They will be removed when I find a serious, legitimate buyer, and all account information will be given to ensure you are as close as original account owner. Bid starts at 25M. Autowin is 55M. Also accepting PayPal. My offline email is [email protected] Send an email to that address if you want to contact me, but I am not online (or send a private message). My is [email protected][PP/RSGP] Selling Hybrid Pure - 99 Mage, 90 Range, 87 Strength [TRUSTED] ★★★★★SOLD Hey i'm selling my pker as i have far too many accounts now. I'm looking for RSGP preferably however will accept paypal under my terms. If you require an OMM it will be at your expensive. Happy bidding will leave this post alive until Wednesday, highest bidder shal win. However: Notable Quests completed: Monkey Madness Lost City Desert Treasure Haunted Mine Underground Pass Animal Mag Family Crest Ghost Ahoy Horror from the Deep Zorge Flesh Eaters A/W:$100 or 120M Post your offers and add my : [email protected]
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