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    Buying Claw Rusher With DT Done.Been wanting a 60 99 1 or close for awhile now, post offers here or add my , looking for a decently cheap one, no 100m +Selling Lvl 67 Tank [ Cheap ] !!not looking for much looking for about 3.5m in game cash.. randomly remembered i had this account.. so its up for sale email or me : [email protected] 99 zerk for great account!the account does have recoveries/email. They will be removed once the the account has been swapped, im semi-new to sythe but not an love you email: [email protected] the zerk only has mith gloves, but other then that its great, it has lunar/dt done etc..Pure/Skiller RSGP or Paypal AcceptedI am selling this account because i have a zerker pure that is almost maxed out and this account is really boring for me to play now and im over the account, it has about a month membership, a couple of 99's and it could also be turned into a Range Tanker with 59 defence and 77 range, It has done Monkey Madness and Dragon Slayer, thats about it, Here are some Pictures, My is [email protected] so just add me or PM me if you are interested in the account. A/W is $60, and my rsgp exchange is at .50, so $60 or 120mil,[RSGP] ~Hubabs~ HUGE Account Shop ~Hubabs~ [BEASTS/CHEAP/RSGP]Welcome To Hubabs Acc Shop At the following time i will only be accepting RSGP. Acc #1 - 111+12 Maxed 80 Att Barrow Pure With Turm & 94 Dung [Rigour+Augury Unlocked]. Notes:- -Has 95 Summon Banked. -Has 200k Tokens for an extra chaotic -Rigour + Augury Prayers are UNLOCKED. -Amazing Pker -Has every tele in POH Acc #2 - 112+10 Amazing Main/Pker/78 Defence Account: Notes:- -Has Korasi & Elite Void -Has Arcane Stream Necklace & Ring of Vigour -Amazing Pker for its combat Acc #3 - 105+6 Epic Starter Main with Rapier. Notes:- -BoneCrusher + Rapier, 3 more lvls till Frost Drags. -Barrow gloves Acc #4 - 111+6 Barrows Pure with Dragon Gloves AMAZING PKER Notes:- -Amazing Pker -Dragon Gloves & Piety If You Are Interested In Any Of The Accounts Above Please:- - Add Me On = [email protected] - Pm Me Here on Sythe - Post you offer here83 cbt // TANK RANGER (85 DEF/80 RANGED)I NEVER SCAM, i've been at the other end & I never will... If you go first I guarantee a smooth deal, otherwise you can pay MM fees. ----- ~60 Zeal (was saving for the next 100) ----- 44 Prayer for Eagle Eye (15% Range Bonus) ----- 60 Runecrafting (40 WC to chop Tendrils) = moneymaking 102 CastleWars Tickets for those who play. This account is terrific. May the bidding start wherever. EDIT: JUST READ TANKS DON'T BELONG IN PURES SECTION, APOLOGIES....seelling 80+0 cmb pure !!combat lvl : 80+0 stats : attack 60 Str. 96 deff. 04 mage 99 range 99 prayer 52 65 dung 92fm 1500+ total lvl 104 quest point , done desert ,monkeymadnes etc +ady gloves bank worth :: 300kmaybe lol with runes .. reason why im quiting ? bored 19 years old getiin life those 100m if i sell acc will donate to my brother for birthday dont worry to contackt me waiting for answers !!! contackt : [email protected] i will sell 100m++[RSGP] 2 99's ~ Pro Pure ~ [RSGP]Yo, Ipkids here. Selling this amazing pure, pro stats, pro in pvp. Has some quests done, can do MM, needs 3 more for DT, and some cash. It has 2 99's, one of which you can make a lot of money with -Hunter-. Reason i'm selling this is because I create accounts and level them up within a months members, and make profit. So I'm selling him for 75m RSGP, we can talk via , , Xbox up too you! I just want a clean smooth transaction, well enough talking and here's pictures of this beast! - [email protected]
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