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    [RSGP]Selling Zerker|99str|94mage|1pray|60attI'm serious about selling this account, so serious offers only. Minimal Bid: 40m Auto Win: 65-80m Images *Hasn't been a member for a while. *Had firecape, lost it pking. *Comes with the account wealth shown. Payment options *Will not go first *OMM or MM at your expense *50/50 if trusted memberAMAZING pure, AWESOME name. 1pray, 85 str range and mageLooking for offers atm! my is [email protected] Max Pure 99 Strength 99 AttackMy mistake, Its not 99 attack its 99 Strength 99 Magic sorry I will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) Here are the pics, I was recently cleaned so there NO MONEY ON IT. The Zammy Book is completed. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Staring bid: 100M[SWAP] Looking for gravite pure [SWAP]My range tanker that ill swap it for has: -96 rng -81 def -44 pray Looking for: gravite pure stats: 80+ str && requirements for gravite 2h -no def -no/little prayer[RSGP]selling cb 60 pure brid!![DT DONE]hello sythe im selling my cb lvl 60 pure brid in order to fund my main, for RSGP ONLY! well the account has completeled desert treasure (ancient magics) and horror from the deep (unholy book) unfortunately i never quested mith gloves :/ here are a few pics! login screeen : s1088.photobucket/albums/...untdetails.png offence columns : s1088.photobucket/albums/...cehistory.png& quests : s1088.photobucket/albums/...BRIDquests.png stats : s1088.photobucket/albums/...EBRIDstats.png iknow the account has 2 defence and will take this into conderation when i see your offer happy bidding[Pp]Zerker Pure!1x99[RsGp]Hey Everyone, I'm Selling my Berserker Pure I will NOT go first unless, I consider you trustworthy, We will agree on and MM, or you may pay for OMM I was the First owner of this account, I remember the first password and the recovery's, I will Accept you Email Conformation, after we finish the purchase. Willing to show account in game Combat- 88 99 Hunter Desert Treasure &---Done Monkey Madness Log In Screen Stats Thank You[RSGP] Selling 1 Def Pure 81 CB Cheap! [RSGP]Hey its Rang3rs 0wn5 here selling an ags pure! I will not go first to anyone with less then 50 vouches, but i would be glad to use an OMM. If you want to use an OMM you will be finding them and paying the fees. Recovery Tests Etc will be allowed by OMM's If you want one done. Post here with an and an offer if your interested. I do not want account swaps, paypal, or anything besides rsgp so any posts containing those offers will be considered free bumps. I will not be answering on until you post on my thread with your so i know who im adding and talking to. The account still has 4 days of P2P so if you buy it now consider it a bonus! My is in my Sig. 0 def xp Addy Gloves Done DT Done Unholy Book - FILLED MM/Lost City Done Climbing Boots Done Accumalator Done AutoWin: 80m Starting Bid: 30mSelling nice 1 def hybrid [99smithing/94mage] ( 1 2)SELLING THIS NICE ACCOUNT, HERES MY TERMS: -You go first -50/50 -We use OMM [You must pay fees][NO MMS ALLOWED] A/w: 125M S/b: 45M interested? add my [email protected] -Accepting RSGP only. I do not have a verified paypal. Sorry for the inconvenience
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