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    Amazing 60 attack 40 def, fully quested, 86+9 CBSelling this account 'cus I only spend time on my new account. Items: 34M, Fighter Hat, Fighter Torso, Rune Defender, Full Slayer Helm, Ardy Cloak 3, Barrow Gloves, Filled Unholy Book, Arcane Stream Necklace, Explorers ring 4, Fally Shield 1, Varrock Armour 1, Coal Bag, Ring of Charos(a), Holy Wrench, ava's Skills: Look at them? Combat is 86+9 Is available to get Turmoil and still have 40 def Cba to print all the quests atm, if you have any questions just ask, will get more screenshots if requested. Email and recovery questions are registered, but will remove them if a buyer comes up. Membership runs out in early June. You can buy the account with or without the cash. I only accept RS gold.Buying Range Pure!BUYING A RANGE PURE! OR A HAND CANNON PURE! WILL USE A MM! GOT ONE WHO IS WILLING TO HELP ME AS I'VE BEEN SCAMMED LEFT RIGHT AND CENTRE!!!!! IF NOT TRUSTED PERSON RECOVERY TEST WILL BE REQUIRED!!! AT YOUR COST!!! (NOT MUCH EITHER) PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE ON THIS THREAD BEFORE ADDING ME ON !! MY IS [email protected] LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING THE ACCOUNTS YOU WISH TO SELL!! link to the MM sythe/showthread.php?t=1127198 MANY THANKS!Void/ hand cannon pureIm selling my void/ hand cannon pure, all quests for cannon done. Pic of stats: Will go 1st if trusted.I Really Want To Buy A Pure!I REALLY WANT TO BUY A PURE! BUT! DUE TO SCAMERS!!! I'VE LOST A LOT OF GP! I WANT TO BUY A PURE OF SOMEONE TRUSTED! SPENDING 35M MAYBE 50M DEPENDS! WILL USE MM IF NOT OVER 25-30 VOUCHES! MANY THANKS![RSGP] selling cb 71 hybrid pure, 83 str now 94 mage etc [RSGP]Selling cb 71 hybrid pure with some nice stats I will go first with trusted players since im new Let the pictures do the talking ^^ Combat Uploaded with Stats ^^^ Uploaded with Bank worth Uploaded with The account has member ship till 16 July I will go firts with very trusted players And otherwise we will use an Omm on ure costs :[email protected] Will be onl for the next 8h?Buying Account with 11 prayer and Dt done! 10-50!Posts stats here.{RSGP}{FTP} Selling a cmb 54 pure with 250k tokens (82 dung)! 1def 1pray!Keeping the long story short, here are the pictures: Login: Stats: Combat: Blackmarks: As you can see, 249K tokens. Also, no quests are done. There are endless opportunities with this account - You can make it into a F2P PKer and buy 6x G2Hs or whatever. You can also make it into a staker (prayer 1) and buy a rapier. There hasn't been any recovery questions and e-mail on the account EVER and it also has had only one password. Never been member. So the account would be secured for you. As a payment, I only accept (I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL): RSGP (BUY NOW PRICE 70M) FTP (Full Tilt Poker) (A/W 45$) I only go first to VERY trusted members (I always ask a PM, so please, no scammers!), otherwise you go first. I am willing to use an OMM, but you pay the fees. : [email protected] for rapier account [RSGP]Looking for any account with rapier just post away, looking for someone who is HIGHLY trusted otherwise you pay MM fees as I can't afford atm. Looking to spend like 50-90m no more really (that's given if it has like 0 bank ) With bank obviously more GP.
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