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    [RSGP][CHEAP]Selling cb 70 ranger, 2x99s[RSGP]I am selling my pure to fund staking with my main, will remove email when I find a buyer. Account comes with recoveries. Will do a recovery test if done by an OMM, you pay fees. So yeah. My is [email protected].[RSGP] 94 Runite miner with 99 cook, 90 fisher, 7 80+ skills [CHEAP]Im selling my old account that i used to use, i dont use it anymore, and need some money for my maxed staker that ive been making, its now 97-99-99-99 and at 119 maxed combat, you can make bils easy. Heres the login: Please note: It says that is a email registered, but really when you click on the email settings it says there is none registered. Here are the stats: This account is very nice for people who want to have a good account with high skills. Looking for 15-20M for this account, i feel this is reasonable, but you can offer, if you have a decent ammount of vouches i will go first. My is [email protected] i will be online most of the day todaySelling Great Starter Pure Level 67.I am selling this acc for RSGP there is no A/W i am looking for offers i know what i will be happy accepting so bid away. The Account has : All the Reqs for DT but has not done it yet, Mith Gloves From RFD,MM,Lost City,Death Plateu ect. The bank is pretty much empty. Willing to use OMM at your cost you can also pay him to do a recov test i am fine with that. i am the only owner of this acc.Selling a tank ranger, 99 range/mage 70def. Quested.I'm a trusted member. I'm not how much to sell it for, RSGP ONLY. Offer away! It has a fire cape too. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Start offering.Selling a nearly maxed Pure. Fire cape. CHEAP. ( 1 2)I'm a very trusted member. I'm looking for around 25m. **** RSGP ONLY **** The account has 20 defence, but that has been quested, for dragan hai' robes etc. The other quests have not been done and this is why its being sold cheap and because the hp is low. Also the account name is rare, and short. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with My email is [email protected] if you want to add me and ask something. Thanks.[Turmoil Pure]Low Level[Fully Quested][Firecape]-Rules Of Trade- I will not be going 1st We can work out some type of 50/50 if needed. Taking Rsgp and RSGP ONLY. -Noticeable Quests- Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Rfd- Rune Gloves Temple of Senntisten Horror from the deep Forgiveness of a dwarf Ardy Cape reqs. -Noticeable Items- Firecape Ardy Cape Rune Gloves My ONE and only [email protected] A/W - NOT SET TALK ON !*RSGP* Selling these Accounts *RSGP* ( 1 2)Account #1 Account #2 Account#3 Registered Email can always be removed/changed. Start Bids Nao! Contact me : [email protected] Or PM Me here. There are no recoveries or Email On them.Lvl 79 Initiate Pure-- UPDATE -- PRICE IS NOW $100 (£60) O.V.N.O After lots of thought i've decided to sell my Initiate Pure. Want to focus on my main from now on. It's had no 'accidents' like 61 attack or 21 def etc. So it's a perfect account at the minute. It's completed:- Desert Treasure, Lost City, Monkey Madness, Horror From The Deep, Recruitment Drive, Recipe For Disaster (Up to Adamant Gloves) and also has Mithril Defender. The account will come with 50M Coins on it + a fair few items (as showing in the pictures) Am only interested in PayPal as i've got everything i need on my main. I've got a price which i would accept and end the sale and it's £75 ($120 USD). But this is just what i would like, not what you have to offer. In regards to the trade, either you go first or you pay for OMM, this is just because i want to sell the account, therefore i don't see the point in paying for some 'insurance' myself as i'm never going to use it again. Message me for ANY information and i'll get back ASAP
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