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    Selling acc with 99 Mage!As the title states. Accepting RSGP and $$ via PP. Add me if interested (email in sig). I only go first to people who provide a safe appearance.Selling level 100 boxing staker [rsgp]whoops wrong forum dont know how to delete threadSelling Barrows/FDK pure!Selling baby....I need some RSGP lol. It can bot frost dragons with 85 dung. And has decent pking stats. Here are his stats:

    [/] The autowin is 75m. I can do recovery check if you would like. Post s and offers below.[RSGP]-900k!!f2p-42 combat g2h pure 20k dung tokens/61 ranged[RSGP]1st IAM THE ORIGINAL OWNER Selling an account I made a few months back anymore this account has no this account never ever ever been member and never had recovries or email 100%safe either i will go first if your trusted or we use trusted mm/OMM -im selling for 900k! these accounts cost about 5-8m btw =) reason why im selling for such a low price beacause i will be focusing on my mainspending ALOT on the best staker $ or rsgpbuying the best staker i can get reqs no pures must have def and good hp no pray and unless staking is like the wild how it makes summoning + ur cmb i dont want summoningPaypal/Rsgp || 99 mage || 99 str ||77 cb || 44 pray || addy gloveshi guys, im quitting runescape. here's my #1 pure that i have. it's a sw prod and it owns pretty much for its combat level. 1. It has done a lot of quests... Desert treasure Elemental workshops Monkey madness lost city Recipe for disaster till addy gloves. animal magnetism. your quest not here? just ask me if it's done. 2. The account comes with the following... - 2m wealth including few brid sets and skillcapes. - recoveries that are set atm - the email which is set atm [the real email, u can logg in with it on ] - first three passwords - my recent ip/creation ip - subscription details - creation details. - oldbank pins. - the passwords after the first three passwords and also the password which is set now. - More info can be asked. 3. Stats/Wealth... [2 defence does not influence the combat, till level 3 it does nothing 4+ will have effect] No email/got recovs wealth has been lowered now. 4. Now read carefully, so u do not waste my time... * The a/w set on this account is 40$/50M * The s/w is 15$/20M * Please do not bid under the current bid which is right under this step. * I do not accept swaps, and i will report it as spam. Do not come with stories like u have been scammed by an mm and u don't want to use one or u been scammed for something and don't wanna go first. Cuz im not ******* going first. 5. I am not going first to anyone, u can get a VMM, and we'll split the fees. - [email protected] - [[email protected]][/color][RSGP+Acc] Buying Boxer - 11M OfferI wanna buy a boxer for 11M cash + im offering this account to: sythe/showthread.php?p=9156036#post9156036 We will do it this way: We will use a trusted MM. PLEASE POST PICS OF YOUR BOXER!Level 70 cbt pure 95mage dt done!hey guys ive done some work on this account and i've changed the name the new name is "i c barrage" which is rare again :p okay so this account has membership till the 3rd of august like down below i am currently deleting his recovers etc. tinypic/view.php?pic=14kz3ly&s=7 just his stats tinypic/view.php?pic=oswbwo&s=7 his bank tinypic/view.php?pic=11ghtgx&s=7 and okay now down to business i will only accept rsg for this account around 30m+ since of its good skills I will let the buy go on the account first if you give me 25% of the payment : [email protected]
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