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    99Range/mage-94str Rune pureI'm selling my rune pure RS account for cash or RSGP. Here's a picture of it, it has some nice stats. If you want to speak to me, pm me here or post a comment. You can offer as much as you want, i'll take the one i like the most. Add me on steam [Headhunter47] Edit: He's Combat 82.[TRUSTED]:::::::::F2P 10 Def pker::::::::74 RNG::68 STR::68 DG:: ( 1 2)A/W = 10M (BETTER BUY OF TRUSTED PERSON FOR A LITTLE EXTRA) Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.us7 Year Old Main Very Old ItemsThis is my first Runescape account from 7 years ago. It has pretty good stats. It has Christmas items from many years ago along with the Easter carrot and the grim reaper's hood. You will go first in the trade or you will pay for a middle man. Make your best offer! Add me on : [email protected] rune PureI'm selling my rune pure RS account for cash or RSGP. Here's a picture of it, it has some nice stats. If you want to speak to me, pm me here or post a comment. You can offer as much as you want, i'll take the one i like the most. Add me on steam [Headhunter47] Edit: He's Combat 82.Buying low level dt pure 70 range and 82 mage!!! insane offerim here to find a pure that has done dt, not bothered about gloves but they are a bonus and has atleast 70 range and 82 mage for blitz, i am offering my rune pure, the reason i am doing this is because i am very bored of runescape serious pking and would just like to have fun teaming on a low level dt pure anyway heres pics of my acc, rune gloves and rune defender etc... ALSO IT CAN WIELD A HAND CANNON AND ITS DEF IS QUESTED!!! pm me if your intrested.... Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usLvl 60 pureselling level 60 pure for 20$ paypal s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapestats.png s1112.photobucket/albums/...scapequest.pngStillYDG Account Shop #1Account 1: fully quested, addy gloves, desert treasure, climbing boots, horror from the deep. comes with a very organized bank with placeholders etc. S/B: 5m A/W: 23m Account 2: Account has already done all HC requirements and has HC. It also has full range void, and a lot of members. I would like RSGP for this account. NOTE VOID DOESNT COME WITH THE ACCOUNT ANYMORE, ******* HACKER DROPPED IT. S/B: 5m A/W:30m Hey Sythe! I'm here to sell the best pker I have ever created. This is the account I have been pking for 4 months, and it has pked millions. Med Level hybrids are becoming increasingly popular in worlds like 65, 18, 172 and 23. First off, the login. This account has NO RECOVERIES. Which is starting to become rare in the black-market, due to the recovery deletion trick not working anymore. The email, is set, but will be changed in the selling process. The account also comes with a few days membership if you buy now. Secondly, the stats. With this type of an account high strength is not required. The whole point is to tank while staying a low level. The finishing stats to finish off this account which I would recommend are 90 Strength, 75 Defence, and higher summoning/dungeoneering if you wanted. Now the quests. One of the most boring aspects of Runescape IMO . This account comes with all the basic quests a Hybrid needs already done. This includes quests for example, Desert Treasure, Piety Quests, Lunar Diplomacy and Recipe for Disaster up to Dragon Gloves. All these quests add up to 118 Quest Points. Here are some pictures/videos of PK's on this account. youtube/watch?v=u_0Iu...el_video_title there are so many, i have a 20+ pics in my album of hybrid kills, might upload more later. [email protected] -Please post a bid here before adding! - I will meet ingame and use a MM. S/B: 10m A/W: 50m PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT ME SHOWING MY USERNAME. JAGEX HAVE NO WAY IN TELLING I OWN THE ACCOUNT. _______ Note, all accounts emails will be removed when I get a buyer. I am the original owner of all my accounts. They will all come with every single recovery detail.[RSGP][SERVICE]AccOUnts great deals.PLEASE READ ALL 15 (1-10, 1-5) BULLET POINTS BEFORE POSTING. [email protected] I am the original owner of each account. I am willing to sell them for RSGP or services onto my pure. services can only be done by what i deep trusted users. They CAN be auto SW'ed. I will not go first. We will use an OMM at your expense or a highly trusted free MM (you must find.) Serious offers only. A/W unless someone offers higher before I see that someone has hit the A/w If Bank picture isn't posted then the account doesn't have much on it. You can barter/haggle. Will add more accounts when I remember their names. Any questions? Ask here. PM me. Message me on Live. If you are what I deem to be a trusted member and don't want to pay, look at my options for payment for each account. - you only have to pick one. ACCOUNT1: SOLD ACCOUNT2: A/W: 45MIL * If trusted 1-80range or 61-80hp ACCOUNT3: A/W: 20MIL *If trusted 1-75range or 61-75hp ACCOUNT4: A/W: 10MIL *If trusted 1-65range or 61-70hp ACCOUNT5: A/W: 15MIL *If trusted 1-70range 61-72hp account1:SOLD account2: Range/mage/def 97cb account3: Failed pure 96cb account4: Mager 79cb account5: turmpure in progress 30cb Do not forget that services MAY be auto SW. I will not provide ranging equipment. If there's anything else, let me know
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