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    message meif you want an account named believe none he still has some membership left but no money due to hsi stats i will sell this account for 10mil he's 90 str 75 attack 50 def 86 range 63 mining 30 summoning 31 runecrafting 50 agility 53 theiving desert treasure done mith gloves 82 wcSelling fully quested zerkerIll go first to trusted members We can get a omm he will do recovery test A/w not set Email; [email protected] Leave your offer and below71 Cb Void Pure! High Stats/skills!Hey, Im selling My Void Pure for RSGP ONLY. The starting figure will be 50M GP and the highest offer will win! I WILL ALSO SWAP THE ACCOUNT FOR A REALLY GOOD PURE WITH DT! MM! 1 DEF! Here is a video of the account: youtube/watch?v=OGdSa5xstxM The name of the account is: Aaron Pk and is eligible to be changed. If you want to buy you have to be willing to go first, otherwise if i find you trust worthy we can sort something out! Or 50/50! Message me on youtube: AmazifyUK or on Runescape: Amazify POP Thanks for your time! Hope you will be interested! - Amazify POP[Selling] Amazing 62 F2P/Gravite Pure w/55M just look.Has a great name.. not rare, just cool Comes with Gravite 2h, Gravite Rapier, Gravite Staff, Arcane Blast Necklace, Magical Blast Box 52M in GP at least 3M in items.. tons of pking gear will show more pics if your serious, no recoveries or email. it's also not a email login only taking Paypal will be using OMM and you will be paying fees. Currently No A/W and No Offers will be updated. Note:the picture doesn't show Thieving,herbalism,fishing and cooking but thieving is 44 herb is 1, fishing is 22 and cooking is 32.Selling Maxed Pure. FireCape. Cheap - Not quested - Low hp.*** ONLY TAKING RSGP *** Selling a maxed pure, the hp is low and thats why its been sold cheaper than usual. Also there is nothing on the account apart from a firecape. The account has been botted but its been safe for months now. The 20 defence has been quested though for robes and armour etc. The account name is also rare. A/W = 60M Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with > [email protected] shop! Stakers, Skillers , Pkers!Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Account 2 This one is my favorite account! Alot of time was put in it! 1 Prayer Account 3 Whip / Dds [ Olmost Ready for rapier] [SOLD] Account 4 Rapier staker! Account 5 Gravite Pure, got membership! Account 6 Mage boxer [ Still in making ] Account 7 [SOLD] Obsidian Mauler! Great pker! Hits 380s with obby maul![RSGP] Starter rune pure/zerker {RNG 87, MAG 94, FISH 96}Stats: Login screen: Blackmarks: Quests: RFD (Lumbridge Sage, Monkey Ambassador, Sir Amik Varze not completed, everything else is) DT Willing to go first to trusted member, otherwise 50/50 or OMM. PM for more info! A/W 10M{RSGP/PP}Selling lvl 61 82 str 40 atk 1 def | 50 in all f2p non-cb stats (dg as well)A/W $10 paypal [trusted] $15 [non-trusted] Selling f2p pure. 100% legitly trained and owned by me. This account is over 5 years old and can get the veteran's cape. *Already leveled to 50 dg. Could easily be a gravite or even chaotic pure *All non-defence giving f2p quests done and elvrag's head ready to complete dragon slayer if buyer decides to get defence *Explorer's ring 3 *50 in all non-cb stats (excluding runecrafting) so ready for most p2p pure quests *Never botted, Green Zone in offenses, No Recoveries, No Pin, No Email Taking offers. If you want more info or wish to make an offer just post, pm, or message me on . *Note- that 1.2m has been removed. Thanks. Pics: LOGIN: BANK: STATS: QUESTS: COMBAT LEVEL: OFFENCE HISTORY:
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