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    [Paypal]Selling nearly maxed 1 defence pure FULLY quested with 64 dung, fire cape,etc ( 1 2)Hello, today I will be selling my pure which I have been working on for the past 7 months or so, the reason why I want to sell it is because I have started playing League of Legends and it is way better then RuneScape. I can show serious buyers I am the first owner of the account by showing pictures of when it was still a noob. CONTACT: -: [email protected] OMM WILL BE USED YOU PAY ALL THE FEES! RECOVERY TEST CAN BE DONE! THERE IS STILL 35M ON THE ACCOUNT WHICH WILL BE SOLD WITH THE ACCOUNT!!! LEAVE YOUR HERE AND I WILL ADD YOU SELLING FOR PAYPAL ONLY!!! Upon purchase you will get: Previous passwords Previous membership information Previous recovery questions Creation details All bank pins that were on the account I WILL PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS OF THE STATS/QUESTS/BLACKMARKS/LOGIN/NOTABLE ITEMS. Notable skills 60 attack 88 strength 1 defence 90 ranged 44 prayer 95 magic 72 constitution 64 dungeoneering 83 thieving 74 fishing 60 farming Quests (All pure quests are completed) Mithril gloves (you can get addy gloves fast) Desert Treasure Horror from the deep (Full book 4 pages(priced 20m) ) Animal Magnetism Lost City Monkey Madness Death Plateau Loads more... Items Fire cape God cape (guthix in bank) Ghostly robes Mithril gloves Zamorak (unholy) book with all four pages Screenshots LOGIN SCREEN QUESTS STATS ITEMS BLACKMARKSLevel 76 pureI am selling my level 76 pure. it has 99mage, str, and mining. 70range and 74hp. The defence level is 3. I want around $145, might go lower. I will not give all the information until payment goes through, but I will show account in game. I am not a scammer, truthfully I am going to buy a range pure with the money from my friend for $50 after I sell this one. I also have a level 101 maxed range tank. It has 99 mage rang and def.Selling Almost Maxed Hybrid Pure w/ 99 Mage. Addy Gloves, Crystal bow, Zamy book etc. ( 1 2)Hey Guys im selling my 1 defence, 1 prayer, 1 summoning pure that ive been working on for really long. The account is amazing, it Pk's everything around its level in High risk wilderness worlds because you cannot protect item in that world but since it has 1 prayer that gives it a combat level advantage over everyone and really over powers them. It Has all Possible Pure Quests done. Monkey Maddness Lost City Horro From the Deep RFD to Addy Roving Elves Regicide And Many More! Here are the Stats ^ yeah i was like wtf at the flowers too, someone has too much time on their hands ^.^ Wealth: Will stay on it icf removing it And heres the bank. Full of pking Gear, Pots, Runes etc. Ready to Gooo! Front Page Pillars So there it is I am looking for RSGP and will only take Paypal from very trusted members. But I prefer RSGP as I will be selling all of my GP later on. Please leave a bid as well as your . I will add you, please do not randomly add me as I will not accept you if I dont know who you are. Thanks.Selling great 1 def pure! CHEAP [PP/RSGP] Check it out ! ( 1 2)Selling it for 7 dollars on PayPal, come on! Hello, once again selling one of my runescape accounts. I will not be going first, unless you're a trusted person. This one is 1 defense pure, and price starts at 0$, so you're free to make offers. Now. --> Pictures. Skills 300k cash, member junk worth about 100k in the bank. No recoveries, don't know the e-mail what it is registered with.. I can tell you every possible info about the account. -> Safe zone. Offer! And if you don't want to offer, bump ! Taking PayPal and Runescape gold only.73 cb , addy gloves , fire cape , dt , mm done. ( 1 2)Selling for RSGP , post you offer below and . A/W: 50m Leading bid: 35mBuying A 1 Def 80 attack 80+ str 200k dung tokens rapier pure!Hello today i am buying the above account for rsgp and pp anyone have one for sale? we will use a OMM/MMBuying A Good 1 Def Pure!Hello, Today I am buying a good 1 def pure (MUST BE 1 DEF!) Willing to pay in rsgp we will use a OMM looking for 60 attack 80+ str 70+ range 80+ mage no higher then 52 prayer thanks!(Trusted) 81 CB Pker (Fully Quested)(99 Range, 94 mage, 5 def) ( 1 2)[/] Accepting RSGP or Paypal, Fully Quested, Make your offers.
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