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    Selling level 61 Pure 2 Defense and MoreI'm looking to sell this account I don't play runescape so all my accounts must go I will use OMM as long as you don't mind paying fee's please be reasonable on offers this is a decent starter pure.People With '60 Attack' Rune Pures/Zerks/Failed Zerks Look Here!Hey sythe! Im looking to swap my level 136 account for a good 60 attack 40/45/45-50 Def account, The stats have to be quite decent and they do not have to have turmoil but if they have then your offer is going to be much more likely to be accepted! On to the account! This is my 6 year old account, that i can provide all the info for: Some good features about the account Turmoil Imbued Rings(has 300+ mobilising armies rank) Enough charms for 91 Summoning Ardy Cloak 3 Barrows Gloves Korasi Veteran Cape 3 Letter Display name If you want to swap then post below and we will talk!SELLING|99 Construction|Bunny ears/|RapierTaking/RSGP/SWAPS A/W 80m Well I am finally back to account selling after a long while. However I am coming back with a very rare and nice account. Perfect for being the "Talker" during lures, very trusted account. It has the, Bunny ears. It also has a chaotic rapier and 99 construction untrimmed. It still has membership until the 17th of October! It will also be able to purchase the 10 year veteran cape when it is released. It is also level 83 in Runescape classic. All previous info will be given to the buyer. Including current recovery questions and I can remove the email or change to yours after the trade. I do not know how to remove recovery questions other than locking the account and taking a risk on it being locked forever. Due to this I will simply provide the questions to the buyer. There is currently no autowin set. I am only accepting RSGP and swaps from certain members. I will not be accepting Paypal due to the ease of charge backs. Please post your bid below or add me on : [email protected] Happy bidding! HOUSE HAS GILDED ALTAR AND ALL REQUIRED TELEPORTS FOR GETTING 95 PRAYER! MM will be used or you will go first. Will confirm in game if needed. 25+ vouches can be found by clicking my signature below.Swapping nearly maxed zerk for 60 atk turm zerkI've grown sick of pking at the higher levels, I would love to get to go back to lower level pking, so I want 60 attack, 45 defence, quested, with 95 prayer. I don't care what the strength is to be honest, I'll just end up getting it up slowly. My account has no black marks at all. E-mail log in. Recovery questions, E-mail, ETC will be canceled upon purchase. I'm only selling to trusted. Post here and I will add you, ask for confirmation PM when contacting me. Thanks.[RSGP/PAYPA]-Selling Maxed 60 Attack Pure With All Pure Quests Done and 79 Summoning!Hey guys selling This Maxed out pure , well needs 99 hp but yano close enough , All pure quest done DT , MM , An RFD has Addy gloves , i ;d . I now im new To sythe so OMM will be used bt at your cost unfortantly unless Trusted . This Account is very good i am the orignal owner and wants purchased you will get a Document i have made with all the info, so good luck bidding guys , im looking manley for RSGP but will accept Paypal . Add My [email protected] / or leave a offer I will be on My all the time im on So yeah Goodluck Bidding i remember my [email protected][rsgp, Cheap] 82 Cb 1 Def 99 Str 99 Ranged Pure ( 1 2)This pure for sale, I am the first owner, has no e-mail registered, has recoveries but removing them. See stats and quest from the pictures. 82cb. Nearly on a rapier, altought needs attack lvl up. Buyer gets all the info including p2p payment informations, first password, ISP used to create etc. No blackmarks or any offences, never had. Start bidding from 35m, INSTANT BUY WITH 100m. You will go first, if not, then we will use OMM and you pay fees. No extensions. Add my : [email protected] Pics: 90dung pure +mith gloves[must go]A/W: 25mil :[email protected] Account has three letter nameLevel 78 Hybrid[99 Range, 99 Strength, 99 Magic]Has done: Monkey Madness Desert Treasure Horror From Deep Recipe of Disaster(up to addy gloves) Looking for Cash or money order via mail/Western Union/RSGP. Not going to sell for less than $100 usd. Auto Win:$200 :[email protected]
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