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    Mauler [63 cmb] Ice barrage [Quested]+[Gear]Selling lv 63 mauler Quested 85 range and 89 str NOW Aw:60m Mem for 3 months now No recoverys [Add [email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with 40'M' on PUr3~!I am looking to buya nice pker. I want a bad love you g mauler or bad love you dds pure. willing to spend upto 40m leave pics here and post before adding my or pming me thank yu. i will only go first if y u have 15+ vouches, or yu find a mm and we can split fees. Mauler reqs- 50 atk 85+ str 1 DEF NO EXCEPTIONS 80+ RANGE 1-31-52 PRAY AND 82+ MAGE (MUST HAVE DT COMPLETE) D SCIM REQS- 60 ATK 90+ STR 1 DEF NO EXCEPTIONS 85+ RANGE 1-31-52 PRAY 82+ MAGE [MUST HAVE DT AND MM COMPLETE] __________________________________________________ _____________ must have NO RECOVERIES or Email. members is optional but im not paying extra just cuz its got mems. hope someone can get me a good pker ASAP :pSpending $20 on a 85+dungspending, 20$ on a account with 85+ dung, must not have email set, or recovery questions, thanks.! ; [email protected][S] Level 69 Turmoil Corrupt Pure 20/89/30 [Ancient curses~Fcape~DT] ( 1 2 3)SOLD MOD CAN CLOSE Quote: Originally Posted by cullmaan most patient seller ever thank you very much!!! bought the best ever account for 60mill thank you !!Selling Rapier 1 Def Pure 3 99 Skills! $70 Best PureHello Guys! Here is thijsdiederikbax! I am selling my great 1 Def Pure with rapier and other great things. Check all details at this link: playerup/offer/...-etc-56773567/ It's only $70 or 140mil RSGP. Only PA payment method. Add my for more details if u need help or w/a [email protected] greetings, Thijs BaxRAWR!!! Selling 6 account RAWR!!!Hey whats up sythe i am here again to sell 6 of my accounts. NO SET PRICE so bidding is the game... You can message me back here or (djrev757) or email ([email protected]) ACCOUNT 1 AND 2 ARE SOLD![S] lvl76 runeminer / "skiller"Yea well iam selling lvl76 cmb account with 85mining, 80 cooking and 75 fishing! Explorers ring 4!!!, rune pickaxe + holiday event items, not tradeables, yet. MEMBERSHIP BOUGHT YESTERDAY FOR THIS ACCOUNT! (24.9.2011) Here is the photos from bank and levels etc. ONLY FOR 4M!!!! Uploaded with _______________________________________ONLY 4M FOR THIS ACCOUNT!__________________________________________ _______ Uploaded with _______________________________________ONLY 4M FOR THIS ACCOUNT!__________________________________________ _______ Not a scam, i just need only 4M atm in runescape and i dont do anything with this account by myself, it has 1 month membership bought it yesterday (24.9.2011)!! Contact me in RS2/IGN with RSN: kahvi : [email protected] Feel free to add me in RS/ for posting offers!CB 78 | 99 Mage | 20 Def - 20MWill Use A Trusted MM/OMM - 20M CB 78 | HolyBook | Dt Not Done Nearly Has Requirments. ; [email protected] ; LewisxHD
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