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    99 Mage - 67 Combat - 79 Strength [Paypal/RSGP]60 attack 79 strength 1 defence 40 range 11 prayer 99 Mage 70 hitpoints 1 summoning. No membership, no recoveries, no email. Original owner, still on first password ever. Dt stat reqs done, quests not. Bank wealth of 15m will be removed if paying in RSGP. PICTURES COMING SOON. Post offers in meantime.Possible Tank/Main and Obby Pure!Account #1 Tank/Main! 86 Range 59 def 91 hunter 99 fletching 83 mage Desert Treasure Complete Horror From The Deep Complete Freemink Trials Complete Death Plateau Complete Monkey Madness Complete Rolving Elves Complete Regicide Complete Underground Pass Complete BEST OFFER Account 2 Obby Pure! Strength 60 Attack 5 Defense 1 Range 20 Magic 41 3$! I will not go first, nor will I pay for the use of a mm. If you want a mm you pay for him!Selling 87 zerker pure. RSGP Only!It has the following. Dragon gloves. Rune defender. Berserker helmet. Fighter torso. Full UNHOLY book worth 20m in the G.e. fully quested def. 5 year+ account avalible for veteran cape. I've been the only owner of this account and only botted 2 str levels. THATS it. NO black marks. Incase the images don't work... a level 96+1 staker.The account has no cash on it atm that's why I will be selling for rsgp (also Paypal is not verified.) Email me at: [email protected] or [email protected] These are my 2 only emails used for Runescape related things. Shoot me offers. tinypic/r/b7dmqd/7 tinypic/r/2yxpy0i/7[RSGP]BUYING PURE WITH DT DONE!!! {Other Reqs inside} MUST BE 1 DEF!! Paying high!So, im buying a pure that is done desert tresaure. I will be paying between 20-40mil RSGP - depending on the stats. I will not go first unless you have over 500 posts or 25+ vouches. Skill Reqs: attack: 40-60 (NO HIGHER THEN 60!!) strength: 60-99 def: 1 pray: 1-31 (NO HIGHER THEN 31) mage: 70+ (Preferably 82+) range: 70+ (Nothing under 70-might negotiate) DT MUST BE DONE Recipe For Disaster would be awesome if it was done. NO RECOVERIES OR [email protected]@@[email protected]@@@@[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected] add my to discuss, and post links to your offers on here. __________________[RSGP/Paypal] Selling 1 Def Hybrid Pure/94 mage and 92 range/82str+60attck/addyglovesHey guys I have decided to quit on all my accounts. I have three not sure if I am selling the other two yet but deffinetly this pure. I never played on it to begin with. Its got addy gloves, ancients, god cape, avas, holy book, monkey madness done, pretty much every quest done for a 1 def pure. No money of course on the account i got cleaned on all my accounts. It has 99 hunter a really good way to get money. It has no recoveries registered and no e-mail registerd. Really just trying to either get some money so I can stake or just make IRL cash. Let me know i have add me [email protected] Here are the picture links because i dont know how to upload here. Pics: 79 Whip pure 99 Strength very cheap! [RSGP]only looking for about 20M if im honest, i let my little brother play this as ive got no use for it now. its done monkey madness but not much else, attack is quested. [email protected] if intrested, will split an OMM. please contact me if your intrested, really not looking for much and would take anything at this point to get rid of this account, literly never play it and could use some gp.Selling GODLY Level 93+5 TURMOIL Pure | 75 90 30 |K....
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