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    [RSGP]Selling PRO f2p pure! 91 str! 40 attack! 1 def/pray! 97 mining![RSGP]Hi everyone, for sale today is one the of the best pures ive ever mad. This account was made in soul wars, so it is extremely high strength for its level. You will have an advantage over everyone. It is fully quested with mith gloves so you will be able to turn it into whatever kind of pure you'd like! LOOKING FOR RSGP! ADD MY IN YOU'RE INTERESTED! Also have a 9 hp account for sale and a maxed main! : [email protected] Stats: NOTICE THE 97 MINING! Quest: Combat: [email protected] account with 99 range 1 everything else.buying account with only 99 range. must be 1 def. no other stats. only buying from trusted members.[RSGP] 85 Maged And 80 Fishing [RSGP]Hi there. Im selling this account cuz i got my main back and i dont play with this no more. It has a month of members and i dont feel like wasting it.. i bought the members for 10m.... -_-. anyways i wont put a price and i will only take RSGP. Combat level. Stats Login Screen. You can change the recovery's and email on it . To tell you the truth i wont go first unless you have more than 15 vouches..... IF you want to get a middle man then get it BUT YOU WILL PAY MONEY FOR HIM! not me. . Also if you dont trust me then dont buy from here O_OSELLING GREAT STAKER! 82 CMB!(p2p till June 6th)all info bellow: offer. gonna put autowin later.[Two] Decent pures for Sale!Selling these for either RSGP/WU/PayPal Offer away on them on here/PM/. Rapier pure: Price in mind: $30 Zerker: Price in mind: $10 Waiting for the emails to be deleted, I've been in possession of the zerker for 32 days, no problems. lv80 Zerker; MM, Lost City, Fremmy Trials, ect done. No bank: Login: Stats: ----------------------- lv65 Incomplete Rapier Pure: *Note* Email is pending deletion, you can wait the next 10 days or buy it and when it switches to mine; Contact me to switch it to yours. Login: Stats: Tokens: Bank: Nevermind, he doesn't want credits; I win!"PAYAPL" BUYING MAGE BOXER! must have 99mage.. and deffence trainedlooking for a pro mage boxer do not care if it is not quested.. mainly looking for 99mage, deffence trained 1 str pray and attack and range.. pm me offers if you have one and willing to sellSelling 94 mage 1 def pure.Awesome pure here, great for barraging those unsuspecting pures in the wildy. With a bit of tender loving care with the strength level this could be made even better Monkey madness and desert treasure done. Stats Combat level Uploading pics, offer if interested, then pm me your . Current bid - 25m rsgp/ $20 paypal.Buying turmoil zerkerHi i am looking to buy a turmoil zerker. It has to be have fully quested. Preferable stats: 80 attack +-5 90-99 str 45 defence 95 prayer 94+ mage 85+range 85+hp *80+dung (not a necessity but will pay extra) Minimal black marks(safe) and we will be using an omm for this trade. I am willing to pay 150-250m rsgp depends on stats. You will have to be somewhat trusted for this trade will not accept offers from newcomers
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