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    [RSGP] 1 DEF Pure 95 str, 60 atk, 31 prayer [RSGPHello, My name is Max and I'm rather new to sythe, or I've been on the forums alot because the community is great but I made this account, Maxlingon, today to sell my pure wich I've been working on for the last couple of months. I want to sell it for RSGP, I won't go first unless you're trusted. The pure has all needed attack xp quests done for pures. No recoveries or email set. Uploaded with Bid ATM: Nothing set ATM. A/W: Nothing set ATM. EDIT: My email is: [email protected] BUMPAccount Shop, Skillers,Stakers,Pures.Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Account 1 Olmost maxed 20 Defence pure, fully quested: - Dt - Rune gloves - Zamorak book ( Full ) - Device - Dragon scim Account 2 This one is my favorite account! Alot of time was put in it! 1 Prayer Account 3 Whip / Dds [ Olmost Ready for rapier] Account 4 Rapier staker! Account 5 Gravite Pure, got membership! Account 6 Mage boxer [ Still in making ] Account 7 Obsidian Mauler! Great pker! Hits 380s with obby maul!Trading 99 Ranged Tank Ranger for 80+ RCerWill post pics if there are offers. acc is 70 def and 99ranged, 85 mage.[RSGP] [SWAPS] Zerker WITH 99 Str and FIRECAPE!Hey today i am selling my zerker pure which has 99 strength and a fire cape , also has 75 attack and has the most quests done for a zerker heres a pic and i might take swaps also but only if the acc has turm and is not over lvl 110 in wildy, Bye my is [email protected](RSGP) Selling 75CB 71Miner Cheap!Will go first if trusted. : [email protected] 76 zerker reset pure has veng and done dt and torso 20m rsgp!!has dragon gloves aswellAlmost Finished Turm Pure [HandCannon] [95 Prayer] [1x99] [Cheap] [6 Quest left] ( 1 2 3)1. Had a Previous Thread Closed It Was OutDated Pics Tired Of Updating It With Words 2. Going First to OMM/Mod/Admin / 25$ Donor Yr join Date 250 Vouches 3. Uhh A/W For the NExt 3 Days is 170$ Considering The Time Put In Turm was 186Mill / And Fully Quested 4. Yes Defence IS Fully Quested i have 16,000 Exp even 5. It Has 3 Months of Members Left 5$ Each Month Add it to A/W 6. If You Offer RSGP is Valued at .65/M 7. [email protected] A/W = 175$ P.S. Desert Treasure Is Finished The Remaning Quest Are Listed Below: The Temple of Senntisten Devious Minds Icthlarin's Little Helper Missing My Mummy Shades of Mort'ton The Curse of Arrav The Tale of the MuspahBuying 1def pure 90+ str! $ $ $ 40m+Hi people, interested in buying a pure for top $$. Looking for: 95-99 Strength. 1-10 Defense. 1-75 Attack. 1-52 Prayer. Offer: Starting at 40m+. (Price negotiable depending on your characters stats). Not interested in accounts that exceed a combat level of 90. *Note only buying from trusted sellers with a good amount of vouches. I'm experienced so don't try me. Serious seller offer up!. I may take time to post back (Computer being repaired, using siblings for the mean time) so please send an email to [email protected] if i do not get back to you in time.
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