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    [RSGP] Amazing Rune Pure For Sale! 74 Dung, 87 Strength, 91 Range, 91 Mage! [RSGP]Hey I am selling this wicked rune pure. It is amazing at pking. It has no offenses and I will take off email once I find a serious buyer. Offer only in RSGP please.Wanting to sell 11 Def (rollback) lunars/b gloves/Curses/HandcannonIm wanting to sell this acc its lvl 69+1 the def was rollbacked Some of quest it has complete: RFD Temple of sennisten Forgveness of a chaos dward Lunar Dip. I just bought this account not to long ago. Its like my dream account but i just cant afford turm on it and never will be able to. Im a very bad money maker. Just gonna go back to playing on my main. Not gonna post pics yet because i hate wasting my time and no1 is interested.[220+ Vouches][60+ Acc's Sold] Lvl 66 Mauler | Def 1 | 85 Range & 82 StrSome problems occurred, not for sale. Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.[PP] Buying a zerker pure or starterok title says all, dont offer anything too fancy unless its cheap (as i dont have too much) and your trusted, acc must be recoverable for my safety. ok so offer away, is [email protected] pking account for rsgp76 attack 86 str 75 defence 84 ranged 91 wc 68 hunter amazing pker fremmy trials completed. bids start at 50m if someone bids 150m they get it automaticly happy biddingAccount Shop,Skillers,Stakers,Pures.Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Account 1 Olmost maxed 20 Defence pure, fully quested: - Dt - Rune gloves - Zamorak book ( Full ) - Device - Dragon scim Account 2 This one is my favorite account! Alot of time was put in it! 1 Prayer Account 3 Whip / Dds [ Olmost Ready for rapier] Account 4 Rapier staker! Account 5 Gravite Pure, got membership! Account 6 Mage boxer [ Still in making ] Account 7 Obsidian Mauler! Great pker! Hits 380s with obby maul!Lvl 79 Initiate, Full Zammy, 1000+Ttl LvlHello I am here to sell my initiate pure. As im getting bored with it. It has 22 defence that i accidentaly got, but it hasnt effected combat. Some people like 25 def on initiate pures for Infinity. Notable Quests: Death Plateau Desert Treasure Horror from the deep Lost City Waterfall Skills: Uploaded with Login: Uploaded with I will be taking RSGP for this account only! Post your offer along with your !Swapping MY Level 121 FOR YOUR PURE!Hey guys,I have a level 121 that I want to trade. The account has 1700 total level, 99str/99wc/83dunge/86atk/83def/92hp I want an account with either, turmoil, or at least one 99 in, range, str, atk, def, hp, or 94+ mage.The level doesnt matter, hit me up. Check my other posts for pics of the account
Thread Status:
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