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    [][]pro Mage Boxer[][]Selling this great mage boxer to support my upcoming build.. This mage boxer is great because it has the highest possible defense without being on the Highscores.. Also makes a great pker with Desert treasure, RFD (addy gloves), Monkey madness, Horror from the Deep (Filled unholy book).. Whichever Direction you take this account I think it's worth what I want for it. I am the original owner and can provide all details.. I WILL GO FIRST to trusty members with vouches. I will NOT go first to someone I don't feel trustworthy! I am happy to use an OMM or MM except you pay the fees. There are no recoveries or emails on this account Leave your and an offer and we will go from there Thanks D u p E d AUTOWIN: 30M(RSGP ONLY) Pure hybrid lvl 65cb (NO SWAP)hi im want sell my pure bcuz im no more playing on it and im focusing only on my main now and no more want a pure with the new wilderness =/ so im selling this futur hybrid pure tinypic/view.php?pic=358cks4&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=10xhhjc&s=7 tinypic/view.php?pic=2eckpir&s=7 there are no autowin fixed and ill NOT go first for any person we could use MM/OMM but ill NOT pay any fees! the email registration will be deleted when ill find serious buyer im taking RSGP only and no swap or anything else other than RSGP! all others offer will be reported as a spam if any more question about this account just post here and ill be glad to answer thanks to watching and i hope ull be interested :p goodluck biddingSelling amazing Turmoil starter pure ( 95 pray)Im selling this 61 combat pure. Account features: - 95 Pray - 91 Mage - 75 contruction (gilded altar in house) What will u get when u buy acc: - First pass (only had 1 pass ever) - The email where the acc is registered on. - No recoveries set. - Has no blackmarks Pictures: Bank not included! CURRENT BID: NOTHING.~+ 89 CB Turmoil Pure : 30 def, Curses, Rune Gloves, 95 Pray +~A/W : 120m You go first or pay for a - I will not be changing my mind. I can verify in-game if necisary. Add me on to discuss.. [email protected] Stats : Quests : Login :[RSGP]Selling Amazing 10 Defence Pure[RSGP]closedSelling CB: 68 ,3x99 (mage,wc,cook) pure!!Heya guys, today i will be selling one of my old pures for RSGP! its a level 68 combat with 99 mage, woodcutting & cooking. i do not need scammers so bye, will not go first unless OMM (your fees) here are some pictures! AW:150M Current bid: 30M[WTS] amazing level 71 pure check out the info!!!!!!Fully quested High total level starting bid 10m auto win 35m here are pictures of the account will consider any offersBuying Rune Pure [Quested]Hello, im looking for a rune pure with around these stats. 60 or 75 attack 95+ strength 40 defence 99 magic 95 prayer at least 3m+ bank i will be paying via paypal or playerup we WILL do a recovery test and you MUST have original details. we can use an omm. my is : [email protected] Thanks!
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