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    [RSGP] Buying turmoil Zerker[RSGP]hello, buying a turmoil zerker The account MUST HAVE- 60-80 Attack 90-99 Strength 40-45 defence 70+ ranged 94 magic+ 95+ prayer Rune gloves alteast in Rfd and all turmoil quests done my budget is 200m. I ONLY WANT AN ACCOUNT OF SOMEONE TRUSTED. [email protected] a 1 def pure paypal or rsgpHey I'm buying a 1 def pure with either paypal or rsgp, my rsgp limit is 45m tho, must have no more than 60 att and have high str range and Mage . Must be fully quested and have ONLY 1 def, no more, good non cb stats and lots of quests is also appreciatedBuying a Pure [RSGP]Hi, this is my first time posting on Sythe, however i have been lurking here for about 2 years. I am looking to buy a pure that meets these requirements: *60-70 Attack *95+ Strength *90+ Range *95+ Mage *52 Prayer *Zammy Book *DT and MM Done *It must have 1 def It doesn't need to have a bank whatsoever. I will happily go first to anyone who has 15+ vouches. If you don't I can pay for a OMM. I can offer up to 130m, depending on what skills it has. Please post in this thread with your offers. (My 's love you )[rsgp] •Lvl 70 HandCannon Void Pure• [rsgp] ( 1 2)Account has already done all HC requirements and has HC. It also has full range void, and a lot of members. I would like RSGP for this account. S/B: 5m A/W:30m I will go first to trusted users, or we use a MM/OMM. As for recoverys/email, i need someone who's interested to tell me exactly how to delete them as I've recovered the account several times and its not working. thankyou, greg.Selling 99mining acc with 70cmb lvl. Vet. ( 1 2)Post your offers here. Looking for RSGP, but will consider PP if you are extremely trusted. Note: With this Acc you will receive an email adress that is connected with this acc. The login(and display) name is not rare, but it is simple and contains no numbers. NO MEMBERSHIP LEFTSelling 76 Combat Pure 3 99's!Hi im selling my level 76 pure for paypal only. I have had this account for a long time but im done with the game(selling my main too) So post all offers here no RSGP. :[email protected] Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with All offers welcome Paypal only though.[PAYPAL]Selling a very good Account CHEAP!![PAYPAL]ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD love you SYTHE Y MOTHERUFKCERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi guys i'm selling a very good account very cheap, the bank has nothing.NO RECORVS NO EMAIL! alot of days for membs. it has lost city done, I'm the original owner of the account.Ill go first if u are forum addicted +. CURRENT BID15USD 20= AUTOWIN Pictures : Inlog : Stats: COMBAT IS 81 Thanks. Feel free to add mine NEW ; [email protected] | 3 Chaotics | 97 Dung | 1 DefenceSOLD. Please lock thread.
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