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    DEF1 pure STR95 RANG99 MAG94 ATT60 MININ86 HP93 CB78Selling this account! Payment: RSGP, PayPal, Moneybookers : [email protected] Extra: Mail will be taken off before the trade! Reason for selling: I found staking to be more fun. I'm creating a prayer 1 boxer/rapier account now. (Ranged is now 99) I'm willing to use official MM if needed! It now has Attack 67 Defence 1 Strength 96 HP 94 Ranged 99 Agility 78 Minining 88 Dung 45 HERB 45 Has enough zeals to get either hp 95 or strength 97! I ALSO TOOK THE EMAIL OFF!!![100m] Buying Korasi Pure! [RSGP]Price is only eligible for 100m if it is maxed: 99 Str/Mage. Otherwise we shall negotiate a price. Account must have the following: 78 Attack 85+ Strength 10 Defense 75+ HP Mage and Ranged 50+ Must have Korasi quests done + Korasi Sword Must have NO Recovs or Email or Bank pin Post hereselling lvl 89 main!name : Da Man301 most stats are atleast 50+ look him up on highscores! i will be posting all of his stats+more info after my homework is done. accepting *paypal*(perfered), rsgp, and rsmemberships (or a combination) post a reply if interested! also i will be posting up other accounts for sale when i update this thread[Selling 72 Pure 90dung +mith gloves]A/W:45mil (has 3 letter name) Will Use MM and OMM W i am willing to use a OMM! at your EXPENCE i will not go first because im not gonna risk 273m+1 def acc. DONT love you WITH TEAMVIEWER IM NOT ******* SHOWING OVER TEAMVIEWER. WANNA SEE ACC? MEET ME INGAME. KTHXBYE. pics: contact me at: [email protected] dont bullshit on offers.[Selling 72 Pure 90dung +mith gloves]A/W:45mil (has 3 letter name) Will Use MM and OMM pker need to sell past [paypal]I MENT FAST NOT PAST please hurry i need money within three days this needs to sell pleaseeeeeee PM here if intrested then will talk i will under any circumstances go first I need to sell asap so the first legitatmate offer i will accept looking for cash only around 90$ if possible but will look into bets please hurry!!!! yes desert treasure is complete along with rolving elves for the crystal bow with a hell cat and mith gloves ! pm if intrested.... p.s Completely Quested Quests completed: [/IMG]Selling amazing quested near maxed 1 def pure[FIRECAPE]Hey i'm quitting rs and so i'm selling my best rs account It has been completely quested as a pure, every prue quest you could name it has done, just to name a few- desert treasure- full ghostly robes/ancient staff. Monkey madness Elemental workshop part 2 for mind body(best magic defence for a pure)- Recipe for disaster up to adamant gloves (best str bonus for a pure) Horror from the deep and has a zamorok book. Lost city is done for the dds]Death plateu for climbing boots. also mountains daughter is done for the bear head. It has over 100 crimson charms in bank to get summoning even higher, membership ran out so i didn't have enough time to get it higher. THIS ACCOUNT IS 1 DEFENCE WITH A FIRE CAPE! I AM 50K XP AWAY FROM 99STR IF ANYONE REALLY WANTS ME TO GET 99 FOR THEM I CAN BUT I REALLY COULD NOT BE BOTHERED HAHA IT HAS NO RECOVERYS AND AN EMAIL WHICH WILL BE REMOVED UPON PURCHASE A/W 80M : [email protected] As i am new to sythe i would like to use an omm. any extra details that anyone wants i'm happy to supply Stats Combat
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