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    selling main ,99wc,barrows gloves, 107cb, cheaplooking for, rsgp, membership or paypal. offer recoveries will be deleted when serious buyer found, as shown account is barly played on " 25 days ago" serious offers only Level 87, 1120 TL (Acc is Veteran).Hey Im looking to sell my oldest rs account for rs gold because I want to start fresh and having a little money while doing that would seem like a good idea. Now heres everything about my character. Total Level:1120 Attack:70 Strength:74 (10k exp from 75). Defence:70 Healthpoints:72 Range:41 Magic:58 Prayer:43 Woodcutting:99 Fletching:74 Firemaking:55 Farming:11 Herblore:26 Fishing:60 Cooking:54 Mining:55 Smithing:64 Hunting:11 Slayer:33 Runecrafting:22 Crafting:45 Thieving:31 Agility:35 Summoning:5 Construction:6 Dungeenering:6 Quest Points:82 Those are all his stats. Also the account was created in 2005 making it a Veteran account and once the cape comes out he will be able to obtain it. Im looking for rs cash and Im hoping for 15-35m? Please if your interested send a reply here or contact me over Xbox Live (Check my fourm profile for GT). Also I'll go first since I am a newcomer and if your trusted but, if your also a newcomer Im NOT GOING FIRST. - NathanSelling amazing 40 def pure87 combat f2p and 95 combat p2p Has most of the important quests done, just lunars and couple of rfd sub quests missing to be complete. I'll go first if you get vouches since I'm new here. We'll use paypal, I'm not too sure if I'll accept rsgp since I don't play anyway. Bid off![RSGP/PAYPAL]95 skiller with 2x 99s 89 fletch, yoyo, rubber chicken [cheap]Here is login: Here is stats: Im looking for 20$/20M for this account, its pretty cheap for how long it took to make this account.RSGP Cheap Account.has full void with 2 helms, 2 99 skills easy moneymaker. could be amde into a barrows pure or a main . will go first if your have a decent amount of vouches. offer anything tbh.[25+ Vouches][$3000+ Traded] Selling level 89 MAXED Dung Pure ( 1 2)SOLD account features: 99 dung, 99 str, 80 atk, 94 mage CLS CStaff CMaul + 177k dung tokens left ancient magics God books: zammy, bandos, gunthis, sara, armadyl, zaros good amount of sets & cash i am taking paypal only from users i deem trustworthy, all else go through PA or WU STARTING BID: $200 yes, this was the account crab was selling i have not had it long enough to be able to recover, so rest assured the only person that could hack it back is one of the most trustworthy people on this site.[paypal] 80 Cb Rapier Pure! - Addy Gloves - Ring Of Vigour [paypal]No A/W. I will gladly go first to any trusted members, or, if you are not a trusted member, I will split the price of an OMM with you. I do not want to scam, I only want a fair trade. When you make an offer, please make one for the account, as-is, and another for the account after 94 mage. Thank you. This account is a lower level rapier pure, 80 CB (maxed rapier pure is 89 CB). It has all of the main pure quests done, Desert Treasure, Monkey Madness, Recipe for Disaster, up to adamant gloves. Stats/wealth are shown, 23m bank, 12m cash, staff of light, dbow + some arrows, rapier, ring of vigour, salve amulet (e) for really fast training at ankous, lots of potions, etc.Selling this account for just 10mhas full void with 2 helms, 2 99 skills easy moneymaker. could be amde into a barrows pure or a main . will go first if your have a decent amount of vouches.
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