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    {PAYPAL} Spending up to $50 [PAYPAL]Hello Sythe! Today I am buying a good pure with DT done and 1 defence. For up to $50. I prefer it to have atleast 1 high pure skill. (magic, range, strength) Any offers or questions, PM me or contact me on : [email protected][RsGold] 74 cmb awesome 1 def pure [RsGold]Hello, I am selling my pure because I do not have time to play on it anymore. I will not scam back. It has never been sold before. I canceled both recoveries and e-mail. Both are no longer active. It does not have a bank pin. Bank worth 100k... Here are the pictures... bank: [/][/IMG] Stats: Log in: black marks: I would be happy to use an official middle man, or let you go first whit 20+ real vouches. Min: 25 rs mils A/W: 50 rs mils-RSGP- 99 Strength 99 MagicI will ONLY sell it for RSGP I had no luck sell it through western union so i'm trying RSGP Its fully quested, Desert Treasure Monkey Madness ect. ( addy gloves also) The Zammy Book is completed. Does have a FIRE CAPE. Post your below, and How much you will pay for it. I'm taking all offer atm. Autowin: 100m My : [email protected] I will only go first to trusted people or we can use a MM Quote: Originally Posted by Lilsoufside Vouch for Me. Sold me a 1 month for $6, I went first, smooth trade XD Quote: Originally Posted by bzzbzz Vouche for Me, sold him 70k bronze arrows for $2 (he went first) Thanks man ^^ Quote: Originally Posted by Merv Vouch for Me, Sold 20k Arrows, Trade Went Great, Thanks Quote: Originally Posted by jevon001 Vouch for Me, give me 25M first, ask me to do a fire cape for him, very nice person Quote: Originally Posted by mrhairy Sold 50M for $35 I went frist, Smooth trade!Selling ZERKER | Firecape | Imbued Rings | Torso + Hat ( 1 2)Hey, I'm selling a zerker pure for RSGP or PAYPAL ONLY. The email and recoverys will be deleted after a buyer is found. This account has 2 firecapes, torso, fighter hat, unlocked barrow gloves, all of the imbued rings ( 300 rank ) and about 500k reward tokens left. ( Able to enchant more rings ). This will include ALL of the rings shown in the bank picture, which totals around 30-40m. This accounts defence is FULLY quested, and you only have to complete Temple quest for turmoil and its fully turm quested. Was in the process of making 70 attack, couldn't really be bothered with this account anymore because I am buying a friends main. This account also has full void ( No melee helm ). If you are interested, please add my in sig, or pm me. Thank you ;]. CURRENT AND HIGHEST OFFER: 125$ Pics: Stats: Log-In Screen: Bank: No AutoWin, Please place bits ABOVE 50m to start. Anything non related/swaps/other will be reported as spam.[RSGP] Selling Good Pure Dt And MM Done [RSGP]Selling Lvl 63 Pure With Desert Treasure and Monkey Madness , I Am Looking for a Quick sale If You wanna talk add my or Comment [email protected] Thanks and OfferBuying a str dds pureim buying a 60 attack 80+ strength dds pure ill be willing to Pay first with a vmm since i have never used sythe before only powerbot. [email protected] Build-Up Zerker/Skiller and Skiller with Fm and WcFirst Account A/W: $30 or 25mil S/B: $20 or 15mil Second Account A/W: $35 or 28m S/B: $20 or 17m Add me on [email protected] if interested[RSGP] Amazing Ini Pure l Firecape l Rune Gloves l 100% Quested l ( 1 2)I have recently started posting on Sythe again, and i want to get back into trading Reason for Selling I have currently got aload of RSGP on my Lvl 3, and i need as much RSGP as i can get because i am making a fresh 1 def pure. With all the items Payment Methods I will only accept RSGP! You first, or OMM will be used! You pay. Any spam on this thread e.g saying i scam etc. i will be reporting! I just want to get rid of this Ini pure for Gold. I,2 days ago added a month membership to this account. It will come with all legit info for appeal to get accepted. Recovs and Email It currently has recoverys set and a email. these both will be removed when i get a serious offer Stats and Quests 75 att, 97 str, 20 def (fully quested), 94 range, 44 pray, 94 mage, 89 HP Main Quests Complete; Monkey Madness Desert Treasure RFD (Rune Gloves) This account also has a Firecape! I have no A/w set so please offer Happy Bidding
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