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    ( RSGP ) (PP) SELLING EICP F2P PURE 1 [email protected]@@@@@!!!!!!!!!!!!ok im here today to sell my epic f2p pure i love this pure but i am makeing a new one an need to fund it so im selling off this one i have have worked on this for a long time an it gets awesome kills in f2p it dont have any email or recoverys an is also has membership untell oct 1 im am the first an only owner of this acocunt i wil take rsgp or pp only an i will not go first to any1 with less then 30 vouces rsgp will be counted at 0.60c pre mill i will give all the acocunt info after the trade you will pay for the omm if wanted this account has a username login not an emailSelling Level 97has firecape, and fighter torso, looking to sell it cheap only about 60m but i can reason with you. add me on : Ladarrion HamiltonBuying Pure!so basiccaly i havent played rs in 2 year. im back tho and i want to get back in the pure community, forgot all my old pures passwords recovs etc and i just wanna go pk! prefer an acc with dt, mm, if mele Ranger 90 and up 60 or 70 atk and 90 and up str some money on it and any other helpful traits! thanks = achinnis{Rsgp/Pp}Level 93+5 Turmoil Dung Pure 75 Att 90 Str 30 Def 79 Dung 98 Mage 96 RangeOkay i'm selling this turmoil pure for Rsgp/Paypal, The account does have recovery's as they can't be deleted only changed, i will provide Info for account that i know, i'm not original owner but do know quite a bit about the account. We will use a without a doubt. The account isn't quite 75 attack as the title states but by the time a buyer is found, it will be also the account is around 80k to 99 magic. Scammers don't try scam me i'm not some 11 year old who doesn't know nothing about account trading/selling. The account has around a 1m bank, The reason im selling this account is to fund my range tank for soulsplit and also some nice gear for it. The account is still a member and has 118 qp, account has done important quests such as, temple at sennistein, desert treasure, monkey madness, rune gloves, slug menace. Add my to offer or post on here: [email protected] Autowin = $140/260m Current Offer = $40/60M Add my to offer [email protected] Add my to offer [email protected] 99 def 99 mage/rangehey i am wanting to buy a 99 range and mage account with 99 defence would prefure all quests to be done for barrows gloves and also at least 90 dng level i will pay up to £100+ for this account its my dream stakingaccount and pure ownage account please if you would make this account for me or let me buy it off you then please let me know =] omm will be used which iwill pay for i will pay via paypal playerup moneybookersLooking to buy a 60 atk pureLink me your thread or post your acc pics on here Will go first if you are trusted[RSGP/PP] Account shop, Obby maulers,Zerker[RSGP/PP] ( 1 2 3)Hey guys, Selling my accounts for either paypal gold which will be Sold to a gold seller for paypal or Straight paypal.. Ive had enough of runescape and going on to bigger things in life Here are the accounts for sale Level 69 20 defence quested pure- Can pot and barrage and does own for its cb level- Any offers are considerd. Fully quested. Second account for sale- Obby mauler- not quested but a beast in pvp with obby neck can hit very high. - SOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLD Fourth account- 43 defence Semi-quested account- If you chose the turm option it will be 46 defence. It has some main quests done like MM and lunar dip it can pot and veng and Seriosuly kills all its level with veng/maul. SOLD. May have a few old accounts lying around if i do i will ad them to here. All accounts sold won't be recovered. My ONLY is [email protected] Please pm or post here with your before adding me Thanks for your time 10 vouches can be found here- sythe/showthread.php?t=1206234 And some more in a shared skilling business- sythe/showthread.php?t=1206021Selling D Claw Rusher Pure!!!! lvl 60 cb!I'm selling my level 60 combat Dclaw rusher i only accept paypal transfer and will not go first under any circumstances pm me in game at getgooddork if intrested or My is [email protected] BIDDING yes desert treasure is complete along with rolving elves for the crystal bow with a hell cat and mith gloves ! pm if intrested.... p.s Completely Quested Quests completed: [/IMG]
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