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    WTS 2 RS AccountsI am swapping either one of the accounts for an Amani Dragonhawk redeem code for WoW the first account is a lvl 71 pure with 60 atk 55 str 1 def 90 range 45 prayer 89 mage 87 hp 1 summoning with addy gloves fire cape dt done all 6 prayer books completed OR a lvl 103+8 with 75 atk 82 str 75 def 99 range 95 prayer 92 mage 90 hp 99 cooking and 92 herblore (58 summoning as well) send me a private message on sythe or post.[ Lvl 77 Chaotic Pure Rapier+Maul ] Fully QuestedHey Guys rschaddy here bored of runescape now botted this account up got the 2 weapons on it i have no time to get stats up now as i got a new job so i dont have time to play anymore looking for a good home beast in wild! Stats Maul+Rapier And addy gloves Login Will be removed on purchase can contact me on [email protected][Trading][3 Letter Name] - 1 Def Pure | 91 Strength | 79 Ranged | Mithril Gloves |Hello all thread readers, i'm selling my runescape pure for either GP or trading for a decent Range Tank, This Account has a 3 Letter Username, all of which shown in pictures + More. I am looking for legit buyers, no scammers OMM will be used during trades, Post offers here with your also so we can talk. Thank-you Happy Bidding -----------------------------------Level 94 Tank Ranger 90 defence 94 mage 90 range lunar done! Member!!!Whats up everybody this is my tank ranger! really fun in wildy lunar done for veng it's even good for box staking actually but overall just fun account! selling for rsgp/paypal! there you have it member til the 30th of this month any further questions you can contact me on - [email protected] - tpuck911 please post here first!giving away a lvl 79 with 99 mage 20 def and 109+6 or for real cheapWell reason for this is i have no use for these 2 accs cuz main pking is boring and the 79 isnt 1 def anymore so Im giving these accs away or swlling for cheap. To fund my new pure. My is [email protected] add meSelling 3 Def Pure ! Great Stats!Selling for RSGP! 30-80m Great account has mm, lost city, main 1 def pure quests done.[Paypal/Rsgp] Stunning Level 63 Hybrid With Ancients and 82 Mage ( 1 2)Sold to wafflez.[pa] selling amazingly cheap level level pureplayerauctions/offer/...pure-56275958/
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