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    [RSGP] Selling dung pure | 1 def | 83 dung | [35+ Vouches] ( 1 2)Hello , I'm selling this dung pure with 260k tokens. There is no email/recoveries set and I will provide nearly all details of the account. Looking for over atleast 40M for the account however I am willing to negotiate. I will not go first to anyone unless I deem you trusted. I am willing to use an OMM as long as you cover the expense. [email protected] Do NOT low-ball me. Anyone offering below 40M will be REPORTED as SPAM. Starting Bid: n/a A/W: 50M Pics: Login screen Has 11 prayer from Priest in Peril Quest. Combat Level Black Marks[Buying] G Maul Rusher [Buying]Looking to buy a G Maul Rusher, can either pay via PayPal or RSGP, your choice. If i deem you to be a trusted member I will go first, otherwise a MM will be used unless you decide to go first. Show me what you've got people![RSGP][99FM] Level 3 skillerWhat you get when you buy the account: » Month the account was created. » All the previous passwords of the account. » My ISP name + the country i live in. » A cute 99 firemaking skiller. Notes: » Username Login. » Bank is empty. » post your here before adding me: [email protected] SOLD Pictures:5m to spend on a pureIdk if I will get anything but whatever lol post below▌▌SL's Sorc Account Sale ▌▌Make RSGP Now▌▌ ( 1 2 3)Hello. Welcome to the sale of my Sorceress's Garden accounts! 5 sold so far!! Why should you buy these accounts? Make 108M a month each account while doing little to nothing! Accounts have not been botted on in 3+ months. Assistance in setting up and maximizing your profits. Prince Ali Rescue quest completed. Make 150k+ Per hour. Stable bot Easy set-up. Terms of sale No swaps Offers in RSGP. No “tirekicking” Post before adding me on . I WILL use a MM if wanted/needed. All details will be provided with the account down the date the account was created. Starting Bid: 5m each Current Bid: N/A Auto Win: Offers :[email protected] ~~~Now has veteran cape and 65 thieving~~ Account 1-Tons of holiday items, and cool display name "Debt Ceiling"!! Thanks for reading! :[email protected] QUESTED accountsQuested accounts I am looking for monkey madness lost city desert treasure recipe for disaster temple at sennestein void stares back I do not care about stats, so I would preferr it if the strength would be low, in the low 80s or less. My is [email protected] You must have had some vouches in account selling or I will not buySelling gmaulerSelling this account offer it can get vet cape but i cant prove it but just saying :// :// :// :// Skiller 2 99's -- Almost 800 total level-- L00KPics: Stats: ://gyazo/646ba7cec42c3514fb9f807fe3ad9167.png Items: ://gyazo/a0af4403c9557584b481296718270f71.png Level 3: (HAHA) ://gyazo/56aa848b273de40cd4232ee487290f13.png Recoveries, ect ect ect ://gyazo/ad790fd56e794165ee2e6b9a30838637.png My email will be removed along purchase, i accept trades, and RSGP
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