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    Selling Level 95 combat great stats!Selling level 95 account, combat stats are Attack 71 Str: 69 Def:73 Range:99 Mage:75 Pray:54 and some nice skills Fletch:80 Hunt:68 Worth about 2m bank. selling for $70 paypal![PP] [AGS PURE] [99STR] [99Magic] [VENG] [80dung] [PP]Same To This Thread Please Erase Mod I Lagged:/[PP] [AGS PURE] [99STR] [99Magic] [VENG] [80dung] [PP]Lagged Mod Please Erase This!Selling cb lvl 73 with 78 range (rsgp)Offer rsgp for this cb lvl 73 ranger. he has about 1m in cash, armor and bolts. i will NOT go first. check my vouches. we can use mm. [​IMG]97 Zerker Pure. Veng. 99 StrHey, I'm now selling my zerker pure, cause im getting tired of him lol. Def was quested up to level 42. Raised to 45 from there because I didn't ever plan on going turmoil. Was gonna go max atk and str. He has MM done, Lunar Diplomacy, and a few others done. RFD is not done, however has all the required stats to get barrows gloves. Wealth will be taken off of him. Currently has recovs and email set. Will be removed when I find a real buyer. Im looking mostly for RSGP, however cash talks.(However may also take trades for a good 1 def pure with 1 prayer) Also this account is 5+ years old. If needed any more info from me, let me know. You can shoot me a pm on here for now. I will make a windows live account later. Thanks. Uploaded with ImageShack.usSwapping main for staker!Looking mainly for either a def tank with chaotic rapier or mage with arcane stream/ancients or a good tank handcannoner. here's the thread with the pics of my account ill be swapping sythe/showthread.php?t=1095562 Would like some starting cash on the staker and if you have any pictures of wins in the duel arena show me those too. I will go first to mod/omm/very trusted people. If you are not one of those then you will go first or we will use omm.Selling Lvl74 Hybrid pure Fully Quested ( 1 2)Im Selling my pure, EVERYTHING was done by me, NO BOTS, execpt of 99Mining that i botted OVER a Year Ago. I did all Quests, Alched Till 94Mage, and Chinned 60-94Range By Myself, no bots. I am selling this account becuz i like it better to play on my main, and i need some money for Turmoil. This Account has no offence, over 10M in Members items (F2P Atm). Im Accepting RSGP & Paypal. The is no A/W, so ur free to bid.Selling 60 Attack Pure - Great Stats ( 1 2)Selling My 60 Attack Pure! Interested In RSGP Only! Combat: 67 Stats Picture - Uploaded with Login Picture - Uploaded with Add Me On , Inbox Me, Leave A Post! ( In Signature)
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