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    Selling 69 cmb pure, 99 Herblore! [84 Str/86 Range/97 Mage/16 Prayer.] ( 1 2)Selling my pure here. It's 69+0 combat. Starting bids at 10m. Quests, bank, stats etc below. Not really looking for swaps, prefer rsgp. OMM at your expense! If you want to know anything about the account, contact me at: [email protected] Bank/wealth (This is about it): Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:[RSGP]Selling Boxer[RSGP]Hey, I want to sell my nice boxer for some rsgp. If you bought this account, you can always ask me for help on my messenger. I am not going first, so don't post here to ask me if i go first, because I don't (except you're staff) I am happy to use an omm or really trusted MM. You must post here with your , before adding me. (Some times I don't get an invite, so leave your here please) E-mail on the account gets removed, when I find a legit buyer. You can still lvl strength or attack 2 lvls more or defence 3 lvls more as it will stay the same combat lvl. Current offer: 16 mill (monstaaar) Minimum increasement: 1 mill. A/W = 25 mill My : [email protected][MAXED ZERKER/AWESOME PURE] Gf You Tried's Account Shop [RSGP/PAYPAL] ( 1 2)Account number one - A/W 15M OR $14.00 Paypal. Account number two - A/W 30M OR $25.00 Paypal. I'm willing to go lower on the A/W's. I will provide you with the information you need to know, for each of the account's. Either you will go first, or we will use a trusted MM of both of our choosing's, or an OMM or both of our choosing's, and you pay the fee's. Thanks, Nick .Selling def 1 pure, 83 mining 92 herblore !Combat : Stats : Bank : : [email protected] Waiting your offers, Prefer Moneybookers or Alertpay. Won't be asking much.Selling awesome pure :)Other tabs have only junk in it, Pure has addy gloves You can offer rsgp or othr pure accounts ! : [email protected] PURE 99 ranged|94 magic|92 strength| desert traisureI'm selling my pure account. I will only accept paypal. Has done desert traisure. Is in green zone (will add picture later). I'm the original owner of this account. Reovery questions and e-mail registration will be removed! You can start making offers{rsgp} Selling Nun Quested Rune pureHello Sythe im Selling my awsome rune pure very known in f2p w 136 well i give up oon him working on my skiller s1142.photobucket/albums/...=sinkemail.png Email and runescape will be removed when i find a perfect buyer. i will go first to trusted s1142.photobucket/albums/...=sinkstats.png stats alright good enough to pk both pvp in f2p noticble 99 wc got like two months ago. aw/15m start bids pm me if intrestedSelling 99 MinerHeyyo, Just wanted to sell my 99 mining acc. its 97 cb 1496 total name is "yukfou" so look it up. it DOES have recoveries and email but i assure you i will not try recovering it. Im not looking for much for it cus its an old acc i never really use any more. Starting bid wud be 10M / 15$ and if u offer 30M its yours tbh. Add me on or pm me here. [email protected] also please check out my C mauler that im selling! sythe/showthread.php?p=9196747#post9196747 I am willing to changing the email via with you. OMM is also no problem!
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