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    Taitie's Account Sale 4 RSGPHey Guys! Taitie Here Just letting you know that i am selling 2 accounts for RSGP Here are the Accounts Account 1: Account 2: Great accounts, Could use a MM You pay Fees!! Ill Take Offers Seriously Thanks and Good luck BiddingBuying an Epic 20 Def Korasi Pure With Atleast 1 Chaotic Item ! [RSGP]Add my : [email protected] Really interested. Post pics and etc , I'll use an MM or OMM aswell. And taking a recovery test aswell.Selling [Maxed][1 Defence pure][70+dung] HybridSelling my account because i just lost like 1.1bil staking. No time to rebuild and growing out of rs. Email me @ [email protected] or txt 9168042462 We can talk on . I will not go first though. cbf getting scammed anymore. I am selling for 80mil rsgp or 70$ paypal. s1125.photobucket/albums/...ureforsale.png s1125.photobucket/albums/...ureforsale.pngselling lvl 136 and 133 for nice pure must look!the 133 has about 10milon it the 136 has really nothing but i would really like a pure with a good amount of money id say 150 at least and it have 1 def but if it has defend we can talk on it and try to push for it to be maxed id like it if it was like 60 atk 99 str 99 range 99 mage 99 hp but all around i want a nice pure with cash on it for both of these accounts you can go first or we use a omm. copy and paste the links. file/C:/Users/Kevin/Pictures/soron420.png this is the 136 it has 287 quest points. file/C:/Users/Kevin/Pictures/mightkill.png this is the 133 has 280 quest points.Custom account shop!!! pures/zerks/tanks :):):) click naoooName ur stats, i'll name the price and how long, the stats will be semi-botted which keeps prices fairly low. order form: attack lv- strength lv- defense lv- magic lv- ranged lv- pray lv- I AM NOT QUESTING, dont ask, prayer costs more per level because i have to make the money to buy bones. post your desired account, and i will make it[SWAP][rsgp] Looking for 99 range pure!I am looking for a pure with 99 range. The mage must be 94+. Either tank [high def], or high str will be accepted. I will don't care what gear/money is on it. I don't care if it was botted. I am willing to trade my 126 with almost 2k total level or trade rsgp. pst here or message me. windows live: [email protected] Pure $100+I will only trade with VERY TRUSTED members or MODS. I am looking for a 1 defense pure with the following qualities: chaotic rapier, chaotic maul, arcane stream, less than 45 prayer, less than or equal to 80 attack, a firecape, and 99 summoning. An account that meets these qualifications and is quested, has overloads, has 99 mage/range/str, halo, prayer book, and/or imbdued rings, will receive more money/rsgp. (THESE ARE NOT REQUIRED) Please do not post here if the account you are offering does not meet the required qualifications. Post your account details and the cost. I would be paying via PayPal or RSGP.☺♀PAYPAL♀☺Selling level 63 str/mage pure☺♀PAYPAL♀☺Highest bidder atm: " " with $0.00 Selling level 63 str/mage acc. Right now mage is 79 but the acc has alches for 94. Selling because I really have just lost interest in RS. Skills: Login: Bank: My is "[email protected]" I will go first to people more trusted than me. A/W is 10$ Paypal ONLY I'm original owner therefore i have and will be giving you ALL info.
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