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    Selling Level 71 Magic StakerSelling My Runescape pure Account that I have Owned for around 2 years, It's an account that I have used to stake and I have been very successful in doing so. I am the original owner of the account. The wealth has diminished but the stats are impressive. Post the offer Or PM me for your offer OR you can add me on [email protected] Also I'm New here .. So please don't hurt me I'm looking primarily for RSGP buy might consider Account swaps Don't attempt to scam me because I don't plan on scamming you. I shall not be going first to avoid scams. [=swiftkit][/Selling Beast F2p Rune Pure Cmb Lvl 75 [rsgp][pp] ( 1 2)hey guys im here today to sell my rune pure. I have been working on it for a while now i want rsgp or paypal. This account would be a great account if someone wanted to have a good head start to maxing an account. Its got 35 qp and 40 def with dragon slayer already done 65 theiving but dt not done yet. It has a email on it but that will be removed when i find a buyer i will not go first to anyone unless they mod+. I am the only owner of this account and i have all the past info of it post offer below and illl pm you on sythe with my . heres some pics AUTO WIN!!!! ONLY 10MSELLING ALMOST MAXED 2 letter name ZERK [FULLY QUESTED] [TRUSTED] [DRAGON DEfender]Hey sythe iigoNuts here Selling Another amazing pure!! Fully quested HAPPY BIDDING Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with [][/ Uploaded with ImageShack.usRune pure w/ 96 hunterThis is somewhat of a rune pure. 40 defence and 96 hunter. Stats: tinypic/view.php?pic=117xrmf&s=7 Bank: tinypic/view.php?pic=2uib4gj&s=7 Add me on if interested, i'll accept rsgp/swaps. [email protected] or PM on here. Thankyou, have a good day.Hand's Huge Account Sale! [RSGP]Whats up everyone! Hand here, and I'm looking to get rid of a ton of accounts i own. For now i will only be posting 6-7 accounts at a time and as each one is bought i will update with a different account. ALL of the accounts are f2p with no recoveries/email! Also all accounts can be verified in game. Please post or add my to discuss. Willing to use an OMM at your expense! I will not be going first! : [email protected] First Account! Low level and bunny ears! CB 88- 30m a/w Second Account! 9 HP account! Very rare! 40m a/w Third Account! Pro staker with 1 prayer 99 attack 97 strength 40m a/w Fourth Account! Ownage starter mage boxer! 20m a/w Fifth Account! 5 defence pure! 15m a/w Sixth Account! Maxed main! 50m a/w LOOKING FOR RSGP ONLY! NO SWAPS OR PAYPAL![RSGP]Selling Very Good starter main/Staker[RSGP]i am focusing on my new pure now, and i dont need this account any more so im selling it, it got dt/mm/and addy gloves but its a decent stakera/w=30m pm on fourms[Beast] insane pure, maxed mele, claws, santa, DT RFD gloves [paypal]Hey guys, here to *possibly* sell my pure, if i get the right offer. I WILL BE TAKING PAYPAL OR POSSIBLY A SWAP FOR A GOOD 135+ Stats are as below, the 118m is the bulk of the wealth, but their is about 10-15m in other items in the bank. quests include DT lost city RFD up to mith gloves, account has no recovs and mems till the end of may. i will meet up with a trusted member in game to prove wealth/stats ect. post offers below please. i perfer to use to talk, so if your intrested, post your , if all you have is then il use that. EDIT: its combat is 74, 75 with 1 more hp level[Selling] Pure |99 Mage| 99 Fishing | 92 Range| |Fire Cape| [Selling]|If your a mod, please close the 2 threads in the "Other accounts, level 60-99" section. The site was really laggy earlier and kept failing so it posted the thread twice. (My mistake for being the in wrong section, though.) | Due to IRL problems, I am going to quit RuneScape. Saying this, I am NOT accepting swaps or RSGP (obviously). I will sell to a trusted member because you can take money back from PayPal. All Quests done for a pure besides RFD! ONLY SELLING TO TRUSTED MEMBERS AND WE [WILL] USE AN [OMM] YOU PAY FEES Combat: Bank Worth: Stats: Quests: Log in: Offences: Autowin: $120.00
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