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    Boxer/Arm Staker!Hi, I'm selling my boxer/arm staker. Great at boxing, and is great at staking with good or decent arm. Still has members. Bank pin All defenders. A/W: 25mRSGP- LVL 92 Zerker Pure with Venge (+3m) -RSGPHi i am selling my zerker account for RSGP only. I have about 3m in the bank so add 3 mil to your offer. I am in the green zone and this account has no marks on it. Recoveries are set but i set them so long ago that i forgot, but you can just delete them. The stats are: Combat- 92 Att- 75 Str- 89 Def- 46 Pray- 52 Mage- 94 Range- 75 HipPoints- 83 Lunar diplomacy is done and so is fremmy trials. Message me for offers. Pictures of the account tinypic/r/c8i2o/7 tinypic/r/n32emc/7 tinypic/r/fwety/7[PayPal]Level 65 Pure!! 99 thieving[PayPal] $20!!!This is a great level 65 pure. 77 Strength, 81 ranged, 74 hp, 1 defence, and best of all 99 thieving. It has the quest desert treasure done up to being able to get the ghost robes. This account also has a decent amount of wealth. Uploaded with There is an email and recoveries, only because they cannot be deleted anymore. i can provide the first 3 passwords. I Only Use PayPal, please dont offer anything else. If your interested, please message me on messenger, my email is [email protected] [email protected]! SELLING > RAPIER ACCOUNT (rsgp)account received a rollback, because i know rapier with 73 dung will ask raise questions, email: [email protected] 76 cmb 99 str/mage/range pure 1700+ total fully quested 150m+ wealth ( 1 2 3)Title says it all... this account has been my baby ever since i made it... 76 combat. 60 attack 31 prayer 1 defence. 85 hp. 99 mage strength and range. has a santa hat plus claws and tons of pked weapons. note the 1700+ total has every possible quest done that does not give prayer or defence xp. 151 quest points. 500+ songs. a level 76 with air guitar is kind of rare. Stream necklace, no mutes, one blackmark that goes away next month. No skill is below 50 besides summoning defence and prayer of course.. im the original owner. i know everything about the account. their is a month of members left on it and i have every member confirmation code ever used on it, all passwords, and anything else you need to know. Not looking for rsgp. TAKING OFFERS WITHOUT WEALTH Auto Win: 250$ western union. partial of the money. i just took this to prove the 150m. theirs probably another 15-20m in items on it. just too much to hold all quest items.. quests showing dt and mm done because apparently people like seeing those two done... bank piczzzzzzzzzzzzzSelling Lvl 64+6 ! Dt Done. Good Stats[RSGP ONLY since i dont have a paypall] I have alot of high skills incase you would like to turn it into initiate/zerker pure etc. Email or me: [email protected][RSGP]SELLING MAXED OUT PURE, 99att|99str|11def|99hp|99range|99mage[RSGP]Hi I'm quitting this account and am looking for around 60-80m gp for it, it has addy gloves, dt , lost city, mm, and all elemental quests done. it is 97 combat. You can contact me @ : Klobe123 A/W=70M[RSGP] Selling Start Zerker! Cheap And Fast! [RSGP]Hey all, today I'm here to bring you a start zerker, it has DT and MM done, with Dragon slayer and some other rune pure quests. Here are the stats. I know it's not that great, but it is a start zerker, right? Untradeables Quest Points I know it's not the best. but it is a starter! I'll say auto win = 15m? (negotiable) Post you're offers! thanks
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