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    99 combat -80 att 99 str 20 def 99 magic 95 prayer [RSGP]Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. This account has 6 quests left till Turmoil, it'll be pretty easy but you'll get 30 defence A/W Will be 200m My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:Buying 1 def pure must be 1 def paypal!!! [PP]post any type of 1 def accs below must be good as i am willing to pay upto 60$Trading Level 85 Geared Holy Pally W/ Gametime and SC2 For RSGP Or RS AccHi! I've played Runescape since 2002, and about a year ago a quit for WoW. I hit level 85 and had a TON of fun with WoW, but I am really feeling the urge to get back into RS, and this is why I am trading my WoW account for a Runescape account or RSGP ( I would rather have an account, namely a skiller ) I am the original owner of the WoW account and can provide all the information you ask for, including, of course, the secret question and answer. My WoW account also has a few weeks left of gametime as well as Starcraft 2 on the battle account! And of course, all of the WoW expansions. Since the account has gametime on it, I will let you go on the account first to prove that the account is all that I say it is. Thanks for your time! Contact me at: [email protected] (My IM) Or [email protected] (my email)[PP] buying 1 def pure (addy gloves, fire cape or ardy) [PP]Buying 1 def pure 50$ max but i can go higher depending on the acc, post pics below and i will pm you if i see a decent acclooking for hand cannon pure!hey guys, i am looking for a hand cannon pure with either the lowest possible def for the quest or 42 def for void... i would also like it to have 94 mage but not a must 85 range+ is a must. please post here[Buying] Handcannon PURE/Zerker [RSGP]HAND CANNON PURE REQS 70+ Firemaking 75+ Range 30 Defence YOU MUST PROVIDE ME WITH ALL ACCOUNT INFO, I WILL PAY FOR OMM + RECOVERIE TEST ZERKER PURE 60+ Attack Dt + Lunar Completed Atleast RUNE Gloves 45 Defence< - [email protected] - Mitchell_Lawsonhey, starter zerker quested !!!hi, i'm selling this 44 def account it quested rfd fone to dragon, 73 dung, chaotic rapier range cape magic cape trimmed all info will be given to the person who buys the account i will not go first don't like get a omm starting bid = 35m a/w = 70mil photo/my-images...720140701.png/ photo/my-images...720140654.png/ photo/my-images...720140517.png/ photo/my-images...720140448.png/ EMAIL!!!!! [email protected] Account #1: Maxed Main with great skilling stats! Great of PvMing or pking. Account #2: Amazing pro staker with rapier. Also has 1 prayer and summoning, along with 99 hunter and fishing! Easy to make billions with an account like this. Account 3: Pro Gmaul rusher! Great stats that take a lot of time and effort to make. 97 mining, will take 2 days to get 99. Was made in soul wars so it has low hp, making the account stronger then pures his level! Also has most pure quest done, including mith gloves, horror from the deep, and death plateau. Account #4: Rare 9 hp account! The stats pretty much tell it all, this account is rare, and will only become more valuable as time goes on and less and less are left. Account #5: SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be updating with a new account! Account #6: and Bunny Ears account! Level 88 with and Bunny ears, has some decent skilling stats that could be made better with time, this account has the potential for pretty much anything! ACCOUNT #7: SOLD!!!!!!! Will be updating with a new account! Account #8: This account is another almost maxed main, another great account for pking and making money PvMing. Bank is pretty much cleaned as the rest of the accounts. [email protected]
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