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    trading level 113 99 atk, str for low level purei have a 113 maxed borrows pure 3m cash capes and armour ect, skills: 99atk 99str 70def 82range 60pray 72mage looking for a low level melee/mage or range/melee dosnt have to have any money or items... no scammers or time waisters please.. pm or post thanksselling level 95 runescape accountamazing runescape account go for beginners 75 att 75 str 83 def 88 range 50 prayer 65 mage 99 woodcutting with 22m wc exp 95 fishing 99 fletching. id like to sell the account for 15$ message me over email or private message my email is [email protected] message me ur offer and ill get a , no recoveries or email on the account ill give you first password and recent ones what internet provider used i has 1 month of membership on it i wanna sell quick so message me if interested thank you[only Today]this Account You Wanna Have!! LookClose please.Selling Beast 1 Def Pure! 2 99'S , ADDY GLOVES, DT AND MM DONE, 100% QUESTED!Hey Guy's, Selling this Beast Pure, 100% Quested and has Addy gloves! It has two BEAST 99's, Agility and Thieving! Also Fully completed Zammy God Book! It is a perfect rusher and edge pker, only level 68 CB! I can provide all Recovery information! I am a trusted member, and have been part of the community since 2008, The majority of my vouches are from account trades, so you know you will be getting a fully safe trade. Please check out the pictures and do not hesitate to send me a PM or Add me on to discuss: [email protected] Thanks!Buying Mage/Ranger PUREWell looking for a Ranger/Mage pure~. This means 1 def , has to have HIGH RANGE /mage hoping for 90+ in each,looking for mostly mage/range so looking for around the 60'ish CB lv, low 70's, d/c about attack/str, JUST need range/mage. WILL PAY RSGP OR PAYPALSelling level 74!Membership expire date of this account: 8th Of June 2011 (25-28days) 60 Atk 70 Str 43 Pray 60 Range No recoveries set No Email registered ( as you can see from the lobby [screenie] ) Month or so of membership Old passwords can be given Can be turned into a zerker , or a staker ( level 4 summoning ) Price: I am interested in one month membership on my main + Rspg Or just RSGP. I will read every offer , as i said trusted members can go first. Note , once the password is changed i will have NO chance in getting my account back since there is no recovieries set , or any email on the account. Add my email to discuss : [email protected] If you are a trusted member i can give you the password first. Uploaded with Uploaded with Staker (99 Def)~~~~~Welcome to my thread. For sale is my level 102 (1sum/pray) amazing boxer/staker. Wins almost all box stakes and is possible to get VERY rich off this account if you have the cash to spare. Some details about the account: -name is very hard to look up (stakers name) -No black marks. -Empty bank. -Is still members so you can get into staking straight away. Leave offers here/pm me Will take verified PayPal and possibly RSGP. AlexLevel 80 Tank Ranger 1 summ/1prayerI think the risked wealth is wrong since the fact that the Dragonfire Shield is worth 16mil on the Grand Exchange. This account is Non-Member so maybe that's why it's screwed up. I'll be posting more pictures once I get home to show No recoveries/Email set. (Going to school now be back around 3;30 CST). No Starting Bid. Autowin = 55m Since I am new I am willing to go first to trusted members and/or use an OMM.
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