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    [RSGP] Selling lv90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range[RSGP] Selling lv90 Zerker Pure - 70atk|90str|45def|52pray|85mage|79range Not sure what I am looking for or what others will give me, but offer away. We will use OMM if you want, but you pay fees. Post offers or PM me. 90 Zerker Pure[BUYING](Starter)Zerker or 1 Defence Pure[BUYING]Hey all, I'm iTwigi, or, Ben. I'm rather new, and I have been scammed twice for altogether 30m, so if you're a scammer, just go. I am looking to buy a Zerker/1 Defence Pure, May be a starter, may not, but I can't afford a maxed one. I will pay in RSGP and Paypal, though I'd much rather RSGP and Will go to you first if you want RSGP for it. My is [email protected] Add me/PM me on here, and we'll talk, also, I am selling this account if you're interested in a trade: sythe/showthread.php?p=8449032#post8449032 Okay, Get at me if you wanna do some business.Buying acc with 87 magewell topic name says all i am currently buying an account with 87+ mage.. i dnt care about the rest of the skills and combat... please post the account and details and how much you want for it... pay in rsgp only trusted members[paypal] Starter ZERKER / Rune Pure [paypal][paypal] Starter ZERKER / Rune Pure [paypal] Hello Sythe :) it's been a while since my last trade, but I haven't played Runescape in nearly a year now so I've decided to sell on some of my hard work. To test the water a little I'm offering this starter Rune/Zerker pure. Her levels aren't the best but she already owns in f2p. This account has never been botted, never had an offence and I am the original owner. I will provide the one previous password this account has had upon purchase, as well as the previous email. It has never had recovery questions. The friends/ignore lists are both wiped. The account has a decent name, (note: NOT a display name) which is also it's login name. PICTURES: Apologies for the small size of the images, can send better printscreens over if required. Edit: Email now changed to false email: [email protected] QUESTS: Fight Arena The Grand Tree Lost City Merlin's Crystal Monkey Madness Tree Gnome Village RULES: Post first before you add my , include your in the post. I will not be going first unless you are a trusted member, or you pay for OMM. Keep all offers to the thread and out of PM. Offer up, worst I can do is say no.{rsgp}beast Barrows Pker Veng/dt{rsgp}starting bid 20m autowin 60m i am currently selling this account as you can read on my other posts due to the fact that im getting rid of alot of unused accounts the account is really good for pking/staking can be used for pvm etc to. anyways please leave a comment below, pm me or add me on dont bother to try for lower then starting bid no swaps as i had bad experience with these in the past i will be giving full informations towards the account thank youbuying zerker quested 90+ mageserious about buying a very good zerker quested 90+ mage want barrows gloves mm and dt, lunars prefferable..looking for a good zerka i have 100m rsgpcan you post pics here id like barrows gloves and vengSelling amazing boxer 73 CB | 75 attack | 75 defence | 1 prayer | 1100+ totalI'm selling my boxer, going to work on a pure again. Mainly looking for RSGP or Paypal. Post your offers, there is no autowin.
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