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    [20$ PP] SPECIAL SALE [20$ PP] -- 99rng 86cmb ! ( 1 2)Hi everyone Welcome to my special account sale, i am selling it because i started to work and i'm also a student in college, i have completely no time to play the game. This is accounts stats Uploaded with This is account's bank, there is alot of holiday items from 2008 like easter carrot, christmass set, spider etc. Account has unholy book which currently costs 13-14M. Uploaded with Uploaded with nearly maxed tank/99range/99mage/94hp -AMAZING PKER- ( 1 2)post ur offers here looking for swaps or rsgp willing to use OMM if u pay , u go first unless very trusted post links or pictures please not just stats [email protected] 20 Def Pure! Fully Quested! Full Corrupt Statius!Selling my 20 def pure using OMM, A/W $20. Add my to offer: [email protected] Pics:[RSGP]Selling level 94Wrong forum, sorry![RSGP] +Maxed Pure+ / 99Str, 99Mage, 99Range, 99Cooking / DT, MM / [RSGP]Hey guys, this account is old-school. I have had it for years, I thought i would give the new wildy a try and to be honest... I have lost all interest in pking and i would like to sell my maxed out pure. If you'd like more screenshots,information etc. Let me know by posting ON THIS THREAD (PMS WILL BE IGNORED) your and we can talk. Bid 20m A/W 70-100m Depending on your vouches. Good trades: 2 Bad trades: 5 showthread.php?p=8457875#post8457875Lvl 81 - Range Tank - Firecape&torso W/ 93 MageADD ME ON : [email protected] The accounts stats have now been changed for the goood. Pm me a message and i'll send you the udsername it's 45 dung also and 89 range 93 mage. All of my trades and chat will be recorded, therefore any scamming/scammers will recieve a long term ban. OMM - Your fees Or you first Possibly doing 50/50's but only to certain members whom I deem trustworthy. I'll only go first to people with plenty of vouches. Only accepting RSGP, I'll give you all the account information. Currently a MEMBER. Open to all offers. The account is a good range staker, and mage boxes well too. It has zuriels staff to cast miasmic blitz, and blood barrage to slap melee'ers and rangers in 'no movement' 'No special' duels. Very good staker, with reasonable hp. Happy bidding, there is no A/W but high offers I think appropriate will A/W aha[rsgp] Fully Quested Pure - 90str,94mage,addy Gloves [rsgp]Sellin this hot pure,73+2cb. All pure quests done,zammy book,DT,addy gloves Selling for rsgp only Post your offers and psot or pm me ur s[$Donator] Amazing Handcannon Pure CB: 70 [PayPal/RSGP]Hello lads, today i am glad to annouce my handcannon pure is for sale.. but first of all my terms and conditions. I Only: Accept payments via Paypal - Gift, all other received payments will be REFUSED immediately. Accept Paypal - Gift that have a note attached stating "I have received my purchased item, therefore i have no intention of refunding the payment." Use an OMM if you would prefer not to go first, you pay fees. Sell genuine accounts that fully belong to me of which i am the original owner. You are aware that: I log all conversations / Sythe PM's / thread discussion before the transaction is made. You will receive all the information regarding your purchased account immediately after i have accepted your payment. I have ZERO TOLERANCE with scammers/spamming/ridiculous offers. I do not accept ANY files via . By trading with me, you agree to my terms and conditions. The account: it is the lowest possible defence level to have a handcannon, at 27 defence. it also has the max melee stats for its combat level as its a ranged based account. it has 99 firemaking! which makes it even more of a perfect handcannon pure! Handcannon special is similar to a dark bow special, just slightly slower, but uses 50% of the special bar! so this account can hit a maximum of 804, twice in a row. it is also great for spamming, hitting consistently up to 402s, rips defence as if their a typical pure, great for downing tanks Also if you fancy spicing it up, you can also handcannon/g maul combo on this account, very effective, players never see it coming, almost guaranteed kills with some fast fingers account also has initiate, great prayer gear, if you wanted you could upgrade to 30 defence for proselyte, entirely up to you. i highly recommend handcannon/g maul comboing, however just pking with the cannon itself is proven almost just as a fantastic. Accepting: Paypal cash RSGP post offers, SERIOUS offers only
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