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    [Member Since Early 09] Void HC Pure 91Range/94Mage Great Pker (RSGP)Hey everyone I'm selling this account because I want to start another pure. This account is great for pking and rushing and has everything done that needs to be done to pk. Make me an offfer. Send me a message on sythe, post here, or me username is axel.ragnarssonRSGP 71 CB - 99 range - 44 pray - 70hp - 1defYo trading this beast pure, Just asking for 20m cuz theres no members anymore on it. 20m seems fair in my eyes. Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usPures/zerks/stakers!!! (RSGP) Daddy"s acocunt shopi only accept (rsgp) i will not go first, i will also accept for a pure with 80 dung/200k tokens email: [email protected] post some good accounts. [paypal/rsgp]Honestly, i dont know what im looking for Just post GOOD accounts, i have like 26$ pp and 23mish. lemme know.Lvl 92 Zerker - Lunar Diplomacy-DONEHi i am selling my zerker account for RSGP only. I have about 3m in the bank so add 3 mil to your offer. I am in the green zone and this account has no marks on it. Recoveries are set but i set them so long ago that i forgot, but you can just delete them. The stats are: Combat- 92 Att- 75 Str- 89 Def- 46 Pray- 52 Mage- 94 Range- 75 HipPoints- 83 Lunar diplomacy is done and so is fremmy trials. Message me for offers. Pictures of the account tinypic/r/c8i2o/7 tinypic/r/n32emc/7 tinypic/r/fwety/7[ **selling vlser good pker** ][CHEAP]You decide how much RsGp u offer for this Vls pure. i spend more then 500 zeals on this acc it is a Soul Warser. i accept RsGp you Decide And i accept a Pure with atleast DT done. STATS: 20 att 70 str 35 hp Combat Level: 37 Messenger: [email protected][RSGP/PAYPAL] Selling lvl 60 pure pkerHi guys its mskr93 here , and im going to sell this acc as im not using it anymore.. It has got like 8 important member quests done , arround 60/70k wealth,account is in green zone , no recoveries / email I accept RSGP and PAYPAL.. : [email protected] i will go first only if you are VERY VERY VERY trusted person.. place bids here , im willing to sell the account today/tomorrow.Selling Very Good Pker Cheap ( 1 2)Hey guys, im selling my very good barrows pure with 70defence and 70prayer account is fully quested with piety and barrows gloves. i realize this might be the wrong section but my friend gave me the link to this thread, also add my [email protected] A/W= 50m i will go 1st to people i seem trustful.
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