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    I Quitusername: subzero ltxx pass: siegheil not much more to saylvl 67 rs account for sale or trade.Its combat is lvl 67 i think it has got recovs but cant remember the answers that well it doesnt have email i dont think but yea stats and stuff are in the pictures id like 20 dollars usd or make an offer ill also take xbox live gold membership cards aswell or ms points message me at [email protected] I dont think i want to go first though if your trusted then sure and i will do paypal not checks sent in the mail thanks I would post pics but cant find out how so give me an email and ill send em to you. below is the stats combat lvl 67-57 ATT- 58 str-50 def-42 range-47 mage-24 runecrafting-44mining-41 smithing-53 fishing-53cooking-44 firemaking-65 wc thats about it highest amount in bank i have is 80kstaking pure with very nice statsi am selling a pro staker with: 75 att, 40 str, 75 def, 1 pray/summ, 71 hp, combat 73 i can't upload a image at the moment but pm me if you are interested and i will send you 1. the account has no recovery or email registrationspro staking puredouble post sorry[Donor]Selling Range Tank PureHi im selling my lvl 94 range tank pure, just check out the pictures for info pls post your offers autowin: 80m rsgp or $60 pls add my : [email protected]'s Account Shop[PayPal][RSGP] ( 1 2)Okay guys, Shello here with brand new bunch of accounts for sale. Let me make it fast and clear. I do not go 1st unless we use OMM(no other MMs fit me, love you happens). I am accepting PayPal and RSGP at the moment. #1 A great main, with some decent money making skills and quests done. #2 SOLD #3 SOLD #4 A EVEN MORE AWSOME BOXER! IT WILL GET YOU BILLS AT DUEL ARENA! Banks empty, got torso, drag defenders. Some quests done like dragon slayer, mm. Its 105 combat and it wrecks in duel. +around 30 days of membership from now on. since the recovering account doesnt work, I cant remove recovery questions at the moment. But I will in some time, just going to look for your bids #3 and #4 accounts have my e-mail registered on but I will accept the change to yours during/after the trade. GOOD LUCK BIDDING : [email protected] 1 attack obby mauler! Must lookInfo about the account - No recoveries - No email registered - No black marks - No bankpin - I will go first to trusted members else we use Omm. Pictures[PAYPAL/RSGP]75/90/30 Turmoil Pure 93+5 Combat Sick pkerClosed
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