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    lvl 84 99 str 11 def for rs goldi1191.photobucket/albums/...oogersugar.jpg Need rs gold. Make an offer and i will get back to you.[RSGP] 60 Attack 99 Strength 1 Defence [Sw Prod] *Amazing Claw Rusher*Hey everyone I'm selling this pure for RSGP. Autowin - 50M : [email protected] : Mw2_MonsterSelling Great DDS Staker [Cheap]Only accepting RSGP. I know, I'm new here and only have 1 vouch, but that vouch will come into play a little later. I'm clearing all my accounts of cash, and selling them on here to fund my main, since I just got introduced to bossing. I will go first if need be, no problem, since I'm brand new here. HP isn't SW'ed yet, but if it was, the price on the pure would sky rocket. Only want 7m for him. 73cb. Stats: Login: Now, as for the "Pending Confirmation" on the E-Mail. This account was made after November of last year, so it had to have an E-Mail name. The E-Mail is included in the trade. You give me the money once you've done everything necessary to make it secure. I ran into the same problem with the other account I sold. It had the same thing, and he thought I was trying to scam him, but I told him to look into the , and there it was. You can verify it, change it, whatever you want to do with it. But, if you need to, feel free to PM him and have him explain why the "Pending Confirmation" is on there. Also. If you are willing to pay 8m, I'm willing to throw in this Starter Zerker Pure: sythe/showthread.php?t=1196202 for just 1m more! Vouch is in sig! Thanks![RSGP]|GMaul Pure|1Def|Chaotic Staff + Stream|94 Mage|ALL IMBUED RINGS|Addy Gloves| ( 1 2)Current Bid: 55M Hi I'm here selling my pure because I need the money to buy overloads on my main. I don't have an A/W set yet because I'm not sure how much this account is worth. The name on the pure is also fairly rare and quite funny so if you're interested in the account please post here with your and maybe an offer and I'll talk to you on . Account has no recoveries set, but it does has an email which can be changed of course when the trade is done. I'm willing to use an OMM or a trusted MM on your behalf (you will have to pay). Otherwise, unless I deem you trustworthy I would like to go first. The account is 86 dungeoneering and has 120k tokens Pictures:[PAYPAL]Selling Almost finished Zerker[Chaotic][Quested][almost maxed] ( 1 2)Hey, I'm selling this amazing account because im quiting runescape. no more to say . Logg in screen. we'll do a recovery test. Wealth Stats It also did Desert Treasure, Monkey madness and other quests I'm expecting good offer for this amazing account A/W $100[RSGP] Selling GODLY Level 89 Zerker With Ancients |1 Summoning|Looking For: 70m What you will receive with purchase: First 3 Passwords Membership Info ISP Info Creation Info My Location Code: Your Offer: Your :Runescape prize draw/give away.Hey guys, I have been staking and pking for years now, I have a lot of vids and I'm very popular ingame. I'm sure you have all heard about me (won't post my username on here but you will see it on my thread on the Runescape forums) Anyway, now I feel that it's time to quit and I have been trying for a while but keep coming back so I came up with the idea of this prize draw and give away so then when I have emptied my bank by giving everything away I will have no reason to come back to Runescape which is what I need. To enter this prize draw and give away just go onto the Runescape forums and find the thread/post that I made services.runescape/m=forum/,56,3392,712 then just simply post your username and wait for a PM if you have won or not. I will be giving 20m cash away to every 10th person who enters (10th, 20th, 30th and so on) 50m to the 100th person and at the end all of the usernames will go into a prize draw for the 3 rares that I have. 3rd place will get a santa, 2nd place gets a mask set and 1st place gets a yellow phat. I will post all of the winners on the thread on the Runescape forums and also PM the winners. Good luck to all and enjoy! services.runescape/m=forum/,56,3392,712[RSGP] Level 72 with 99 fish and 72 herb ( 1 2)Heres login: Note: says there is an email, but when you click on preferences it says there is no email registered. Heres stats: Im looking for 15M for this account my is [email protected]
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