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    [RSGP][PAYPALl]Level 67 Pure[RSGP][PAYPAL]Looking mainly for RSGP. I was recently scammed, so you go first|We use OMM [You pay fees] Will take the RSGP off (Unless you want to pay more and keep it on) [[[^^^^^HAS MATERIALS FOR 99 MAGE!]]] ^^^^ Monkey Madness, Animal Magnetism, Lost City, Desert treasure done. Fully quested besides RFD. There is no certain "autowin" or "starting bid". If I don't like the offer I get for the account, I won't sell it. So, there is no 100% guarantee this account will be sold if your winning the bid.[Swapping][PP]2 accountsLevel 77 + 6 All pure quests, addy gloves. Unholy zammy book, Now has 59 thieving, and 94 mage. :[email protected] Original Owner Will use OMM/MM/or you go first Looking to start a good name for myself, looking for vouches hopefully after a successful trade.buyin mage pure or dds staker, {swaps}what i am looking for : a mage pure with 99 mage, hp and def only.... no att, str, range, pray, summ. or for the dds'r: 60 att, 99 str, 1 def if u can come close to those then i offer a 118 with 99 str, 88 att, 92 hp, 85 mining, 90 fish/wc, 84 cook, 82 def/mage. pm me cause i really like pures/tanksSelling level 62 Staker!This staker is mainly a boxer as you can see. Attack 60 Strength 45 Defence 61 Pm/Add me on if interesting: [email protected] No Scammers as i will not fall for that crap, thank you. It has never been member, and has no recovs. A/W 15M RSGP ONLY[RSGP] 1 DeF-Fire Cape-94 Mage-92 Range-60 ATTK-76 STR ( 1 2)Best offer will win, I am a legit member of sythe, serious offers only, account has no registered email, no recovery's NOTE I DO NOT GO FIRST WITH PURES Member untill april 10 NOW ACCEPTING PAYPAL GIFTS!!!! BID IS OPEN[Paypal/RSGP] Selling Level 65 F2P Pure 40/88/2 31 Pray Ownage Pker!Selling Level 65 Pure. : [email protected] Willing to use MM or you go first. Account has 300K on it. Looking for Paypal/RSGP Offers! I am the original owner of the account.[RSGP] lvl 64 || *99 magic* || 1100+ total [RSGP]Stats: Marks: No Email: If there's anything i'm missing let me know! I'm pretty strict on the RSGP as I just got cleaned on my staker and need to win my money back Will be more than happy to use an MM, Thanks! My is: "[email protected]"Selling Level 96/104 Berserker Pure! Amazing Name! Nice Stats![Paypal/RSGP]Hello Sythe, I want to sell my berserker pure. I know I have a very low post count, there if you want to use an OMM, I don't mind. These are the stats. It has all the requirements for void stares back except 46 hunter which shouldn't take too long. Account will come with these items. 96 without summoning, 104 with. Very nice account name, very relevant to the account. Quests The account has RFD finished, lunar spells, ancients. The only quest it doesn't have finished is the void stares back for the korasi. All it needs is 46 hunter to get it. If you are interested, post your here and we can talk. I accept RSGP/Paypal, I do accept by mail, but you would have to go first in that case. Using an OMM would be very complicated for that. I am not looking for very much for the account, I am wanting to quit.
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