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    Buying Morr Ranger Staker!!Buying a morrigan staker High range hi hp. Not going first unless you're a mod or known.Buying A Pure that meets the following requirementsHello there, i want to buy a defence one Pure that meets the follwing requirements: Stats : Attack : must be 50-60 (not interested in Gs Pures atm) Strength : Must be 80-99 (if it's like 75-80 i take a look at the rest) Magic : Must be 82-99 Ranged : Must be 70-99 Prayer : Must be 1-52 (31 Preferably , 52 should do if the rest looks good) Hitpoints : Must be similar to the combat stats (Not rly looking for SW'd accs) Summoning : Must be level 1 Quests : Recipe for disaster : Must be at Mithril-Adamant gloves Desert treasure : Has to be done Horror from the deep : For 60 Attack pures, this has to be done. Monkey Madness : For 60 Attack pures, this has to be done. Lost City : For 60 Attack Pures, this has to be done. Others : God Books : For 60 Attack Pures, there has to be a guthix/zammy/zaros book. God Cape : There has to be a God Cape on the Pure. Money : There has to be at least 500k on the account (Max of 5m) Price : You tell me the Price you would like to get for the Pure, and i tell you my thoughts on it. Payment Options : Paysafecard - I can pay more with that cause I can get them Fast. Runescape GP - Takes me about 15-30 Minutes to get, will pay a bit less. s : If i feel save with you, I am willing to go first. If we are at a same level of trust, we can use a free trusted or an Official with split fees. If you are a newcomer or have less than 10 vouches and don't want to go first, you will have to cover the Full cost of the . If you think you got the Account that i am looking for , please fill in this Form. (x = yes / o = no) Account's Cb level : Magic level : Attack level : Strength level : Ranged level : Prayer level : Hitpoints Level : Gold on the account (in X.Xm): God Cape : God Book : Mithril Gloves : Adamant Gloves : Desert Treasure : Lost City : Monkey Madness : Desired Payment Option (PSC/RSGP) : Desired Amount of Money/RSGP : (x/o): You go first (x/o): Official (x/o): Thanks alot for looking at my thread and posting your offers , NamezBUYING range staker - MUST be 1 Prayer and 1 Summoning![RSGP]I'm buying a ranged staker with 90+ ranged, and 70+ HP. It MUST be 1 prayer and 1 summoning. The defence level can be anything, whether it be 1 or 90+. I will be paying with RSGP, differing amount depending on the account. Post your account here and I will let you know if I'm interested! Thanks for reading EDIT: I'd also prefer clean non combat skills! ie. 1 cooking, 1 fishing, 1 smithing, etc.[rspg] * Cheap * Cb 65 Gmaul Pker * Cheap * [rsgp]stats found below and more found below, looking for offer around the 10mil mark, pm me or me: [email protected] Stats: Some quests: Dt not done.. unfortunately Bank preview: guthix book is full, cape seen is guthix from mage arena.Chaotic pure, Rapier+Maul (RSGP)12345Runescape Account For Sale (RS gp only) Level 64 black pure (with barrelchest anchor)Selling this pretty good anchor pure I will delete the recovery questions, of course. Autowin:25m s1102.photobucket/albums/...ent=rspic5.png s1102.photobucket/albums/...ent=rspic4.png s1102.photobucket/albums/...ent=rspic6.png s1102.photobucket/albums/...ent=rspic7.png My is: [email protected] msg me if you're interested!Buying PURE or SKILLER 6mil,~Read~im wanting to buy a pure or skiller for 6mil it has to be some what good not failed like 2 def!!please If you have an account that u wanna trade me pleaase Message me on Here or : [email protected] Also must not have recoverys or email!!,thankyou sythe/showthread.php?p=9053430#post9053430sythe I've been trying to quit and came to the conclusion to sell them. Im 16 now and i think I wasted a lot of time. So that means I do not accept swaps! don't even add me If the account has recoveries they will be given. So you can remove them by urself. Also the recovery information like subscription/location/creation details and first 3 passwords will be provided. Here you go: ACC #1 initiate pure - A/W 150$/200m - fully questeed - now has 100M+ wealth/ no member anymore no recovs/no email Got all quests done. ACC #2 rune pure - A/W 20$ - half quested no email/got recovs. ACC #3 Maxed pure - A/W 100$ - fully quested No email/got recovs ACC #4 Starter Pure - A/W 10$ - unquested no email/got recovs ACC #5 Hybrid pure - A/W 40$ - quested - mith gloves - needs addy [SOLD to powerbot mod] 85 str/80 range/70 range/52pray/75hp/1def Notification: Account will be available in 3 hours, as it's being trained by a service to 80 range. Don't offer me swaps cuz i will report it as spam Rsgp = 0,60$/M -> i will sell it to a VMM Don't try scamming, cuz im alert on them. Dealing hard with them. tos: I will not go first, vmm can be used. I am not responisible for your actions on the accounts after trade. After trading you give feedback - [email protected] - [[email protected]] Oh btw, im also selling gold [128M], for 0,60$/m so if ur interested pm me
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