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    Selling potential staker - Cheap - Comes with 12mHey everyone, going to keep this simple. Selling this account that could be made into a staker - 13 prayer is for the requirement for DT, has done several other quests mostly pure quests and here are the screenies: Login: Stats: Wealth/Combat: Offenses: Accepting RSGP or paypal - comes with 12mil Thanks.Selling combat 62 MAUL PURE. 78 STRENGTH, 31 PRAYER, 50 ATTACK. CHEAP OFFER!!!!!:pHi everyone. Im selling this maul pure here. There is about 1.7m in the account. Please find below my stats. Please feel free to negotiate with me. My email is [email protected] Real cash will be preferred. I accept paypal or money transfer to my bank account.[RSGP] Selling Lv85 rune pure, 99 str [RSGP]I will not be going first whatsoever UNLESS your are HIGHLY trusted. Either you go first,50/50 or we get an omm. I will be accepting offers for the acc, thats why i have a a/w price setup. A/W is 50m. Here are pics. : [email protected][RSGP] Buying acc 60 99 1 - Must be pureI'm looking for an account with 60 attack 99 str and 1 def can have any other levels as long as it doesn't affect the combat level. Only stats that should count to the combat level is the ones above. Please post what you have and how much you want. Must have all recovery details to recover without password or no trade!Selling Rune Pure [ Veng + Ancients ]SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY LEAD: $25 USD I WILL NOT GO FIRST, UNLESS YOUR TRUSTED TO ME. If you chose not to go first, you WILL pay for the OMM. NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS WILL ALSO BE CLAIM AND CANCEL PAYPAL. I don't want to get love you in the end. Starting bid: 10M The defence was ALL quested. Lunars done, Monkey madness done, Desert treasure done. Rune gloves. The account does have a Bank Pin && A Email adress set. Once the trade is officialy done, Request a email adress, and i'll accept it. Quests: Reqs: Stats: Offenses: Combat:Smurfettes Account SaleHey guys, I am selling 3 of my accounts in order to invest in some bots and get turmoil on my main 81 pray now . I will sell the accounts fairly cheap, just offer me a price and we'll go from there, also i will only go first if you are a mod or better. If not then either you first or we use an OMM and you must pay fees. I accept both RSGP and paypal I am the original owner so i can provide all details, if ur interested PM me with ur offer and THNX!!! My zerker pure My 2nd main MY boxer/MinerSpending up to 90m on pureI have been trying for two weeks now to get an account, ive been through to sythe users that seemed very trustworthy and all, give me the info on accounts, i put money on them. start working on it and boom what do ya know there gone. so if your tryingto pull a scam then love you off. other than that post your offers : [email protected][rsgp][PayPal]Selling VERY NICE STARTED ZERK PURE MUST SEEEEEE!!![rsgp][PayPal]Hey im RsDealer. Here with an account. Cmb 74 A/W - N/A Contact form: /// [email protected] We will use omm you pay fees or youl go first. Might do 50/50. Scammers dont even bother to add. Here are pics.
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