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    70 Defence Pure Swaps Onlyye well i still cant seem to upload pics :/ but im more than happy to meet in game anytime atk 79 str 93 almost 94 def 70 range 80 pray 70 magic 86 has barrow gloves and has done pretty much every important quest apart from lunar diplomacy has 25 days members left toSelling very cheap acc 77 cbWill sell this account cheap as i don't use it, and hasnt for over 4-5 years. Will take rs gp, or paypal, prefer rs gp though. The account has nothing special about it and get be turned in to several things, example: mage/range tank staker etc. Post offers =)[Selling] 2 pro quested pkersAccount 1 has 205 quest points,(not going first to anyone except mod/admin) omm if you don't find me trustworthy but you pay fee's (accepting rsgp only) Account 2 SOLD~Buying Turmoil Pure with Rapier~I'm buying this account with a Santa Hat and if it is actually as described I will pay more. Account: Must be less than Level 105. Must have 95 Prayer and Ancient Curses Activated. Must have High Attack and Strength atleast 85 in Both or around there. Must have Choatic Weapon...Perferably Rapier or Longsword but Maul is acceptable. Less than 31 Defence is needed. Must have No Recovery Questions set and no registered email. Must past a Recovery Test. We will use an OMM and I will go first if you are trusted, I will be vidding the event just incase a scam is attempted. My offer is a Santa Hat and to pay the OMM fee's but if everything is perfect I will go higher. ~Mayhemic Buyer~[RSGP] 94 mage, DT done! [Fully quested] [1 defence!]Selling my pure here with 99 herblore, 70 dungeoneering, etc. Cmb is 69+0. A/W is 160m w/o claws, 180/w. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:[Trusted] Buying Turmoil Pureim looking to buy a turmoil pure with 30def also a chaotic weapon+korasi would be extremely nice and i will pay more if so. unbotted is a must. recovery test is a must. omm is a must. im offering 60mil rsgp leave a post with your and ill add you[GSpure]Amazing lvl 71 (90hp)Closed .[RSGP]Turmoil pure [99str,94 mage][RSGP]Basically can go zerker on it quite easily, has 136 qp currently. All needed quests for rune gloves/ancients/turmoil done. Not necessarily selling unless I get a good offer.
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