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    [RSGP] Maxed obby mauler (99 STR)- Beast skiller with 99s- Rune pure [RSGP] ( 1 2)hey guys im selling these accounts for rsgp. - Will not go first under any circumstance. - Omm can be used, fees payed by you. leave your here, or pm me. I will add you. Obby Mauler: Uploaded with Skiller: Uploaded with Potential rune pure: Uploaded with thanks, Nervous.Selling Good Boxing StakerDecent stats, can easily be worked on. Wins most stakes! Offer away, accepting cash through paypal or GP. Picture link: No recovs[vouches] Selling Level 85 Starter Zerk(firecape)(full Slayer Mask) ( 1 2)looking to sell my level 85 starter zerk, firecape, full slayer mask. only has ruyne gloves but can get dragon, and just need a bit more qp to get barrows. amazing account. worth every dime. My : [email protected] Will take paypal, Rsgp, Swaps, Rs items. In a swap i will take 1 def pures Range tanks or good skillers. does not have much of a bank, but has good stats and untradeables. has defender aswell. Stats And bank: Bank and Qp: Any questions just pm me and add my . please post here b4 you do. : [email protected][RSGP]69 cmb, addy gloves, 16 prayer. Barrage!Selling my pure here with 99 herblore, 70 dungeoneering, etc. Cmb is 69+0. A/W is 160m w/o claws, 180/w. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:{Vouches}Epic 99 range (void range and meele)(2 firecapes full penance)hey sythe i am back with another kick love you zerker, itr has no bank wealth but it does have full void, meele and range, full penance, 2 firecapes, crystal bow, and zaniks crossbow! My [email protected] I am willing to take swaps,Rsgp,Paypal,! I will only swap for a rich acc, a pure 1-20-30 def, a tank. happy bidding Quests: Stats: Combat:[RSGP]Selling great 86 cb runepureI created the account and got all the details u need. The account has : - Rune gloves - DT is not done but all skill requirements are met(and a few prequests done) - 1.2 mil bank (maybe a bit more) - Rune defender I am not looking for much but i am looking for rsgp only. I am not going first to some random new kid who joined in may 2011 just to scam a few people and then go away either..[RSGP] Selling level 74 d claw pure 60-99-1 [RSGP]Before you show interest in purchasing, I must tell you that due to Jagex's updated recovery system, it's basically impossible to remove email and recovery questions. When I sell you the account, we will have a MM do a recovery test on the account, I will give you the registered email account and all correct recovery questions. Account has full Zamorak book (unholy book). Will sell with or without claws, whichever you prefer. My is [[email protected]] Please post with an offer (all offers negotiatable) and your . Thanks.starter zerker----2x 99s----selling my starter zerker acc with 2 x 99s, has 2 m wealth on it Quests: rfd till adamnt gloves, Monkey madness accepting rsgp and swaps, will do a recoverie test. only going first if u trusted
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