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    Selling level 86+6, 42 quested defense, 15m A/WHey guys, I'm trying to sell my old pure. He's by no means very good, but could easily be turned into a zerker or a main. I made him after I failed my first pure, he did decently and has a fair few quests done. Most of his defense is quested. The only reason I don't want him is because I gave him to a friend a while back, he changed the name, but he never played him. So he gave this account to his other friend, who did Dragon Slayer on it and brought it up from a proselyte pure (pre-turmoil) to 42 defense. I played him a bit after, and he just didn't have the same sentimental value any longer. Here he is, he's for sale, and he has a lot of potential. His stats are relatively low, and that lends to his ability to be priced fairly. Pricing: Starting bid: No less than 8m. A/W: 10m. Notes: I will only go first if your trust is obvious. If you want to use an MM/OMM you must pay for them. I should have all of the information except for the earliest passwords and membership codes. I am the original account owner. My words to scammers and to those who believe I would scam: I wouldn't recover it because why on earth would I scam for the equivalent of $7.50 max? I'd rather gain trust on my name so I can do bigger trades (I'd wait till I hit it big if I were a scammer, it makes more sense, you know?) with less skepticism. If you want to scam, cool. I'd rather lose this average account and have one more scammer banned from Sythe, as I will record conversations and discussions. I would prefer to use for communication. PM me for my info. I also have . Pics: Stats Bank Quests Sorry for the messy picture, I made it quickly. If the quest isn't listed, I haven't done it. Blackmarks Loginselling pure lvl 71!! MUST SEE!! CHEAP!This is my runescape pure i would like to sell. i will be taking rsgp or paypal, we will be useing a omm. I know there are recovery questions i will give you them so you can change them i do not know how to delete them. A/W 60m rsgp or $50 on paypal. ADD MY : [email protected] i have done DT, horror from the deep, monkey madness, etc99 Range 95 Mage 85 Defence Range Tank[ My ranged tank that i made a couple years ago, don't really use it anymore so its just sitting there. Has desert treasure/lunars unlocked. Taking offers of rsgp, anything 20-30mish will probably be accepted, happy to go first. I have all original passwords, email and recoveries.Chaotic pure |75 atk,90 str, 95 mage, 80 range, 1 def|addy gloves,dt + mmPlease read through the whole thing to avoid wasting my time. edit: 90 str now edit:83 hp now Edit: * Account has been scammed. Recovs are now set by the scammer. I can't remove them. I lowered the amount of worth to 25m * Email has been removed. will give email, first three passwords, creation & subscription details, ip adress, old bankpin. Account doesn't have recoveries. Account has done dt, mm, lost city, horror from the deep, elemental workshop quests, addy gloves. Account does still have 195k dung tokens. [50k xp till a chaotic] - account comes with firecape. A/W: 25m email/: [email protected] no swaps - people recover and get def on this pure no paypal - people dispute and get def on this pureselling 99 str pure $10 paypal seriousy buyers onlyhey guys im selling my pure account never get on it and its a nice account [email protected] its got no recoverys and the email will be changed upon sell will be trading with a middle man[RSGP] Zerker 70/93/45 FCape/Torso [RSGP] ( 1 2 3)Sold it[Paypal] 78 Cmb Pure|Fcape|CBow|ArcaneI am quitting runescape and dont want my account that ive been workin on for the past several months to go to waste. I do not intend on scamming nor do i intend on dealing with scammers. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. You either go first or you pay omm fees. Let the bidding begin. I know, I know....hey everyone does it at some point=D The basics Not much left to my bank...gave it away. PS. ALL PURE QUESTS DONE!BEAST corrupt pure, 20 attack 91 strength, MUST LOOK!Selling this 20 attack 91 strength pure. I am selling it because it has been banned twice now, so I would have to play legit on it...YUCK! The account DOES have an email, and it DOES have recovery questions. Both of these things will be given to you in full. Recovery tests and OMM's etc are welcomed, but I will not be paying for anything. I WILL BE ACCEPTING RSGP ONLY! I would like around 30m for the acc 138 strength bonus with 91 strength at 59 cb is grossly unfair, and it is very fun to 2 hit noobs no problem. I am in no rush to sell this account, I will be waiting for the right buyer. Email will be pm'd by request. LOGIN STATS Uploaded with COMBAT LEVEL UNHOLY BOOK, BEAR HEAD, THIEF BRAWLERS, CLIMBING BOOTS (not shown) OFFENCES (reason why I am selling) Uploaded with I have been offered 20m already, but I would like offers from a trusted member HAPPY BIDDING! __________________
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