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    selling lvl 73 WCi am selling a lvl 73 WC picture below [​IMG] i accept pp and RSGP. price is 3mil or 1$ we speak though or so be sure you got one of them. my vouch :///showthread.php?t=1242761[PP]Selling my skiller.I'm looking for $5 for it. Comes with all recovery info and I'll help you register an email into it. An MM can be used if you wish to. My is [email protected][GP/PP] 52 Combat P2P Fun To Pk [Username Login]Start having fun pking with this account. Low levels are always fun to pk with. Account is nearly maxed for its combat [52] 79 range would make it max. I've pked about 20m within a week on this. Its fun, but no longer interested in it. Don't forget its an username account. Recoveries were set in 08' and have no knowledge of them, email may be switched over instantly also I can provide the membership transaction code Email in which i paid with credit card. Not looking 2 screw anyone I need this gone and I need some vouches aswell. Will use MM only unless you prefer to go first. No scam attempts/spam its irritating. Serious people only. Serious people only. Serious people only please. NO SWAPS RSGP and PP OnlySelling BRAND NEW LEVEL 3 W/30 DAYS MEM [NO RECOVS/EMAIL/ANYTHING]Title says it pretty much. Brand new. Less than one hour old. Changed my mind on what I was planning to do. Swing me offers and I'll consider. Will go firstselling lvl 72 miner and a lvl 73 WCas the title says i am selling these 2 acounts lvl 73 WC with rune hachet [​IMG] [​IMG] lvl 72 miner with rune pickaxe SOLD!!! [​IMG] [​IMG] i wil accept pp and RSGP. post or pm me offers. we wil use or to chat while trading.[RSGP]Selling Dung Pure! LvL 59! Chaotic Maul![RSGP]ACCOUNT SOLD! Please lock/close thread.Making pures/skillers to your liking.Hello. I am making pures or skillers, with what you want. You give me a set of stats and I will achieve them for you. Prices will be in RSGP and can be negotiated. I will do all by hand. No bots will be used. Nothing ridiculous, and it will take time depending on the stats you want, so patience is a virtue as I am only human. I do NOT do quests. I prefer members accounts, but may do F2p... - [email protected] AOL - Smlizme[PP/RSGP] Zetoan's Cheap Zeal Pure Shop! [1.5-2k Zeals]Hello ! I am setting up this shop to sell zeal pures! I will be selling at least 2 per month from now on, so its ok if you don't get this first one! I need paypal more than gp to pay for my vps to make more! But I will take either payment method! I will NOT take swaps of anykind! My first zeal pure: SOLD FOR 45$ -1,500 Zeals (even though it is 1378 now, I will be botting it to 1.5k, just wanted to put up a picture!) -3 combat! -All stats lvl 1 except hitpoints (10) -At least 3 of each hybrid l -member until October 3rd S/B: 30$ or 85m A/w: 55$ or 125m What you will recieve upon purchase: Code: Login Details (password/email) Membership Details Date the account was created All passwords State and Country it was created inOrder Form: Code: What is your bid?: What is your ?: Do you agree to the ToS?:ToS: 1. You will add my : [email protected] 2. You will not give me a bid below the starting bid. 3. Anything that happens to the account after you have possesion, may or may not be qualified for a refund. 4. You will stick with your bid you placed on the thread, meaning you don't offer something else on . 5. You will enjoy the account! BID AWAY!
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