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    Level 58 Granite Maul Pure Mith GlovesDT done Mithril Gloves Horror from the deep Elemental Body Comes with 1m bank No membership I go first but if you scam I recover if you dont I give you recoveries. and you can put new ones. Selling for 30m recoveries: ://s1184.photobucket/albums/...recoveries.png Bankworth/Information: ://s1184.photobucket/albums/...t%3Dinfo. png Private Message on ... Im new so if any suggestions please post in comments.™§HandOfAnge - Selling Defense Pure§™ [RSGP] ( 1 2)Conversion - $0.6c = 1M Account #9 Current Bid: $50 This file will only be sold by OMM, or you going first. I will also agree to a recovery test by an OMM upon purchase of file if you request it, I will not be paying OMM fees. Disclaimer: 1. I will not go first. 2. I will only use trusted MM's or OMM's that I approve of. 3. Before you go "same lobby pic" Check the time of memberships fags. 4. No refunds, no trade backs, No account swaps. 5. Accepting RSGP/Paypal only at this current moment. 6. Always Ask for a PM.Selling a level 55 Dclawer!! RSGP!!Hey guys, it's The Fish Im selling my 55 Dragon clawer!! with the claws! It comes with a small bank, ready to rush. It has a 26 prayer for protect item on a non-highrisk world. It has membership on it right now, but when i get a serious buyer im going to cancel it so you will have some time before you have to take over the payments on it. Im accepting only RSGP so please leave your offers here Level: Stats: Small bank: Proof the claws are mine: Please leave your offers here and thank you for your time, The Fish[PSN Card] Selling level 13 [94 Hunter, 2 and a half months membs]Will upload some pictures in morning if anyone shows interest. Has 94 hunter with 2 and a half months membership left on it. Looking for PSN stuff, preferably PSN cards for the store. Not looking for too much, will accept a PS3 game for it if it's decent. No recovs, BP, or email on it. Will go first if trusted.[Paypal/swaps] Lvl 3 98 mining, 94 fming 45M Wealth 3 Letters name & More ( 1 2 3)I'm moving to DotA, and will go on vacations to Brasil for one month and a half, therefore i'm selling this skiller. I was thinking of selling/swapping it after i reached 99 mining & FMing, but i'm going to Brasil next week. Accounts i'm looking for - Wealthy mains (can be low cb.) - High combat mains (can have low wealth.) - Any other type of accounts, ONLY with good wealth! Highlights • Three letters Display name, and four letters Login name (no numbers on both). • 98 mining - 800k off 99 - 20 Hours at LRC to reach 99. • 45M Wealth, you can do almost anything you want on a skiller, or turn it into a Pure, it's up to you! • 94 FMing, so you can have your trimmed cape =) 400k off 95 • Other little things such as 31 Dung - decent slayer level (has ~7 Penguin points saved, you just have to speak with Larry.) - A TAB with some items ready for questing. (If you know what to do on a skiller.) • I have ALL the info, including the PIN numbers i used, date of creation, ZIP, email, ISP, IP if needed, previous passwords, etc... And i'm willing to do a recovery test if needed. My Rules • I'll go first to TRUSTED members, having an high post count is NOT being trusted. • Don't even post a swap offer if you haven't been on for at least one year. I'm sorry, but i wont be on RS for ~1 month and a half, and can't risk the account being recovered. • We'll be using a Free MM, or a paid MM/OMM at your expense, you choose. • If you're trusted i'll change the email BEFORE you receive the account, as i think you can't delete the email anymore. (Not sure.), otherwise we'll change to the MM's email, and then when i get the money, to yours. The Account Login Stats + Wealth + Proof Offences S/B: 30$ A/W: Not set MY ONE AND ONLY : [email protected] POST HERE BEFORE ADDING ME!Selling Modest Skiller: Several 99s [PAYPAL] ( 1 2)(closed) C U R A G A [/color]LVL 51 PURE 70Str/68Fish/87WC/42THIEF - sellingBoogerkid No blackmarks has 3m (items&rsgp) PaypalPerfect Range Staker [71 Dung] [80 Range] [95 HP] [80k Tokens]Close
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