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    Selling My pure miner!Selling my pure miner, hes lvl 3 with 60 mining! ill sell this character at 10$! paypal only! the name is pu3rf1sher1 Stats: All 1 but lvl 60 mining! and 46 fishing! The name is a little messed up just bexcause i was going to make him a fisher! stats for my miner![RSGP]Selling a BEAST F2P pure - 80 strength, 85 magic, 58 combatHello again, I'm selling my f2p pure which can easily be converted to a blitz-mauler. I'm selling it for RSGP and I will only go first to a person who I find trusted (several thousand posts, donator, mod ect), otherwise we will try and find a .Selling lvl 50 pure*SELLING* lvl 50 pure, Completed Quests Monkey madness lost city Animal Magnetism Death Plateau Grand Tree Horror From the Deep Priest in Peril Tree Gnome Village (other less important ones) Notable Stats Combat lvl - 50 rnge - 74 pray - 30 Hp - 40 att - 47 str - 36 mage - 18 defence - 2 (bad spec) Woodcutting - 22 No Cash, got cleaned sorry. PICTURE OF STATS --> :// Would like 3m in game if possible, will let people bid (doubt you will -.-) HAS MEMBERSHIP TILL 14TH OF AUGUSTSelling level 3 skiller 99 Craft untrimSelling my level 3 skiller Rsgp Only Add me on for more info [email protected] 99 Crafting untrim 89 Farming 91 banked in saplings 91 Mining Varrock armor 1 Ardy Cloak 1 45 Slayer ://i55.tinypic/35ksj2r.png ://i56.tinypic/u0ar8.png ://i56.tinypic/9llr1f.png ://i55.tinypic/sltow3.png I'll delete recovs and email as soon as i get a buyer. don't forget to add me on .★ ✩ ✮ ✯ ✰ ☆ Newman's Account Shop ☆ ✰ ✯ ✮ ✩ ★Closed.Lvl 3 F2P skillerI have sort of a starter of a f2p skiller I made because I was bored. I ran out of membership on my main, and would like to continue being a member. I am only looking for a 30 day member pin, if that's possible. Thank you. I will show you that there are no black marks, and email will be changed once having a serious buyer.Alright Account ? :D [ Swap , Trade ]Hey, so im new here, and im looking to trade or swap my pure for a main, Im not really sure what else to say soo , heres some pictures Skills : Login Screen: Bans , Mutes , ETC: So, im looking for a main, but just offer and we'll see, im an easy going guy [email protected] , add me on if your interested[250+ Vouches] Selling 10hp 99mage. Perfect Accountedit: sold
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