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    57 Blitz GmaulerSelling this amazing pure, for sale for a genuine reason, I dont have time to play as I'm currently doing my GCSES, The account is fairly weathly, The accounts all legit- Nothings been botted on it The account has finished Desert treasure and is a very FUN and GOOD account to pk on. Screenshots below!Selling Pure - RSGP Has 3 Months of membersselling a starter can be a good pure only accepting people with 5+ vouches 20m start has 3 months of mems :// ://[BUYING] Pure or RICH Skiller [BUYING]I got $15 USD to spend post any accounts you'd sell for 15 here //showthread.php?t=1196577 That link is to a 107 main I'm selling that I would swap for a 1 def pure with 87 dung+ or a good starter pure. Post your links to your threads in your reply, and whether you want to swap, rsgp, or paypal Please 1 def only, or if has handcannon/ turmoil starters thats fine. Herblore will attract my attention even more. I can expend up to 250m, and 200$. I'd much rather swap though.Conquest's BIG Warehouse very cheap for good accounts.ASK ME IF YOU WANT PICTURES OF RECOVERY AND ETC, KIND OF WASTE PUTTING HERE(too much space) Hey Guys It's Conquest and I am SELLING A WHOLE LOT OF ACCOUNTS from Pures of archers, mages and warriors. going from lvl 30 to 60 Also selling skillers of woodcutting and minning. I also take requests but you have to send me at least 1$ in paypal to show that you are going to buy that account then either pm me ur email adress that u sent your money with and what you want your account to be. my paypal is [email protected] You go first (unless you have 100+ vouches) or you pay for omm Pures This one is going to have most of his skills 70(or up) his defence is 2 cuz of a mistake but it shouldnt affect anything. 20$ starting and 50$ to buy him off :// 60 wc both starting at 2.50$ both 60+ minning starting at 5$ buy it off for 10$ :// 2 Accounts [90 HP range staker] [76 cb 89 str 91 range 94 mge]Hey guys im selling two accounts today. One is a range staking pure and thats account #1 Second i have an all around pure thats account #2 So just take a look, if you like what you see message me at [email protected] Im looking for real money PAYPAL only please. If you want account number one ill take money or rsgp and a members code. For Account number 2 just strictly cash. I WILL NOT GO FIRST.! Unless you are very trusted or you get an OMM. Both accounts dont have any recoveries or email registered i am the ORIGINAL owner of BOTH. On account #2 i have dt mm unholy mith gloves everything a pure needs. Account # 1 Account # 2[RSGP] Awesome Skiller With A 3 Letter Name, Combat 3, 5 99's, 49 Dungeroneering.Hey Guys, I'm selling my skiller because i stopped skilling, i started a zerker now, and i only pk. I am the first and only owner of this account, it has no blackmarks. This skiller has an awesome 3 letter name and you won't regret buying it! It includes: -99 Mining. -99 Hunter. -99 Firemaking. -99 Cooking. -99 Thieving. -49 Dungeoneering. -Duelist's Cap Tier 3! -Coal Bag. -Awesome 3 letter name! And yes, all my details are still set, i will delete them after the trade has been completed. Here i got some pictures for you guys: add me on for questions: [email protected][SELLING]Lvl 64 Defense pure! 72 def 70 attk MUST SEE!No swaps RSGP only . No recoveries, no email as you can see We can use a MM at your expense, but I will not be going first Please make offers, heres the pics: Sorry wrong thread message me if inrested tho
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