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    looking for a level 3 skiller with 99 theiving.not fussed about other stats. MUST have membership. no email no recovs. i'm offering this. :///showthread.php?t=1222474 Also i'll throw in a level 3 with 63 wc and a months membership for free.Selling 3 Ready to go Pure Essence Bots! [QUESTED]I have 3 accounts, all with fake email log-ins that are ready to mine pure essence. All you need is to pop on a membership and you're good to go. Account #1 has 32 mining Account #2 has 34 mining Account #3 has 35 mining Start bidding! These accounts have FAKE email log-ins (using fakeemailgenerator from the fakenamegenerator, which can only hold 1 email. I used these because it's a 1-click email). The accounts have no recoveries, and are level 1 in everything except mining, and they have got rune mysteries completed.[:Selling a LvL 58 1def Pure (99wc) ]:Title says it all. I will not go first to un-trusted members i will only go first to trusted members (people with alot of feedback,posts and vouchs) if ur un-trusted and want to buy we can use a VMM (verified ) to complete the trade. I do not know a VMM but if you can find one then great . Looking to sell this account for Membership pin (PM if cant buy by pin) my email is [email protected] Add if interested. Below are screenshotslooking for a quested pure.I'm not a fan of quests so i'm looking for a pure thats quested. i'm either looking for a 1 def account with DT and mith gloves. or a 30-45 def account wuth barrows gloves and DT done. not really fussed about other stats + cash on acc ect. post if you have something along these lines.buying any account with 1 def AND 80+ dungTitle says all .. Must be 1 def .. With 200k+ tokens or C maul I'm paying via ALERTPAY as I cannot use paypal ... Alertpay is pretty much the same thing. I'm not stupid I NEVER go first unless u have 50+ vouches Omm on ur cost or free trusted mm. Spending 20-30$ : [email protected] add me don't post ... If u can't add me for sum reason just pm me ur ..Runite Miner for SALE!Hey guys... i have a runite miner for sale.. he has 45ish dung and 92mining his name is Nightlyminer so check him out on rs highscores... ill post pictures if people are interested in him.. also i have another account that has way better combat like 80str that can also enter the resource dungeon to mine adamant and mithril in the mining guild resource dungeon so let me know if your are interested... you can me at iamwickedBIG thats my name.. also pm your asking price for either of them if you are interested.. look up the other stats at mexican9910 thanks guysStarter Sumon tank! Only 4$ pp! Has mems! Cool!Hey , I am here to sell my starter summon tank! pics below. Price is 4$ pp and I am going first to a trusted or most users as I will be vidding the transaction. =) I AM the original owner of this account. Cheers! he has 9 more days of membership btwLevel 87 Fisher [RSGP]Hey guys, Ive had this account lying around for a long time now and I decided that its time for it to go. All of its stats are level 1, except for fishing which is level 87 (close to 88). This is a great account if you want to make money fishing, especially if you put a membership on it. I dont have an asking price, so post your offers below. The bank is also empty. Accepting RSGP only. You go first or pay the fees for a OMM.
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