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    [15 Vouches] [Selling staker & Barrows pure]Hi sythe - I am currently selling two accounts. I am looking for a pretty quick sale on both of these that is why they are at such low prices. Payment methods accepted: Paypal (Registered) or RSGP (1M = $0.4) If you are more trusted than me i'll go first - if not then you go first. I have 15 vouches all from sythe veterans and mods. Also for a little bit more confidence account number 2 was sold to me by KeroKeroCola and password or email has never been set/changed Account number 1 = 50m Account number 2 = 75m Take them both for 100m Account number 1 - Info - Combat level 94 99 Woodcutting 99 Firemaking 13 Skills over level 80 Fire cape Quested defence 179 quest points Barrows gloves Great for low-med level hybriding [ Account number 2 - 92 range 75 defence 70hp 1 prayer 81 Combat(RSGP)Selling 82 range 82 mage pure(RSGP)Selling a Pure with not bad stats CHEAP i know im a first poster but im just wanting to sell this so made a account on this forums Main Stats are 82 mage and 82 range with 81 fletching it also has membership till 3rd of october, ALSO has desert treasure completed, also willing to go first imgur/7KHaz imgur/aVerb a/w=7 millBuying 99 range pure. Best if with void.Post here.-RSGP- Selling 89 str 87 ranged 85 mage Pure ( 1 2 3)Selling this pure that own everybody in pvp, with 2 remaining memb days and with no recov and email changed to the buyer. The pics: If need another pic just reply, im the original owner, it have no recov plus my email registered, looking mainly for RSGP because im going to max my main. NOT GOING FIRST, MM IF NEEDED YOU PAY FEES OR YOU GO FIRST. thanks.S> Turmoil Pure [rsgp/swaps]EDIT: This acc has 28 defence, it has not been reset for botting, i just wanted to be original so didn't get rune gloves. im a quester though so if you wanted certain things added to the acc i would be willing to do that for an additional price. ILL ADD LOGIN PIC IN A BIT NO WEALTH!!! HAS RECOVS BUT ILL HAND OVER WITH THE TRADE NOT GOING FIRST, BUYER CAN PAY FOR OMM IF YOU WISH THE ONLY SWAP I'LL CONSIDER IS AN ACC WITH 13 PRAYER (PRIEST IN PERIL + RESTLESS GHOST DONE) 1/50 ATTACK (IF 50 ATTACK, DEATH PLATEAU, GRAND TREE, TREE GNOME VILLAGE, FIGHT ARENA AND WATERFALL COMPLETE) AND 1 DEFENCE. MIGHT HAVE TO COME WITH RSGP IF LOW STR. S/B - 25M A/W - TBDSelling reset pure [RSGP]Hello, this account was reset before i quit and i've decided to make a new account rather than drag this one out. it's 10 defense with rune gloves, and smoking kills completed and 75 combat if you wanna throw people off with All pure quests are done, MM, RFD(up to rune), DT, Animal magnetism, etc etc. Zamorak book is filled( if that matters) I'm new to account selling, so if you have any other questions, just ask. Stats: [mind you it is reset so quests/stats might not look correct] [email protected] is my selling maxed purehas everything excpet fire cape because i lost it. fully quested, 80 summon, non botted, 215 mobilising armies rank, 75 dung arcane stream looking for $100 paypal. no rsgp i dont play rs anymore.selling turm rune pure, quested turm zerker, and ranged tank!account 1:turm rune pure. a/w: 200m s/b: account 2: quested turm zerker. a/w:175m s/b: account 3: maxed range tank. a/w: 100m s/b: bundles: rune pure and zerk = a/w is 350m (25m off) rune pure and tank = a/w is 250m (50m off) zerk and tank = a/w is 200m (75m off) all 3 accounts = a/w is 375m (100m off)
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