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    Perfect Main[4x99][Range Cook Wc Fm]115CMB 1885Total!Hello All.Today I'm selling my main.I want buy PSP from so I need money. .Okey Account got 25member days left~.102q points.4years old playerup items.100M total xp. I want around 40usd.Or 80M~ Rsgp.So just bid. My only : [email protected] . Pm me on and i will give you all info about account. Account don't have recs and email.Looking to buy a decent main account with a 99 combat stat [RSGP]Hello all, i'm looking to buy a decent main account that has one 99 combat stat, the max i have to spend is 60m so if you would like to email me feel free at [email protected] thanks.Maxed Pure!Almost Maxed Pure 78+4 Addy Gloves, and DT done! Post Offers (RSGP ONLY) with , I will add you. I have no vouches, we will use an MM.97 Range Barrows pure!!Selling this account due to starting on a new pure. Very nice account which can be easily made into a pro barrows pure. Dt done, Has drag gloves, Peity prayer quest done, hand cannon quest done. Will use MM(OMM at your expense) unless i see your a trusted member. P2P till August 16!! accepting rsgp only A/w: 35M C/b: combat- 97 Updates- 97/99 Range[98 Dung] 20 DEF Pure [Rune Gloves][500k off 99 Dung]Looking for offers atm if I see a good one Ill sell ill go first if your trusted.. - dannypres96 - [email protected] acc [99str][vls+full statius]clean out sale getting rid of this previous staker i had i am accepting low offers pm me please sadly i dont know how to remove recovery questions and aparrently you are unable to remove them after a recent update by jagex(if you know how to remove recovery questions please pm me or post on here please thankyou very much)[RSGP] Selling LV 72 1 def pure with 99 range 94 mage QuestedCombat Level: 72 Quest Points: 47 Starting Bid: 60M There is no buyout I will stop the bid after I receive a bid that seems fair for it Accounts name is 7ap which stands for Zap Quests it has done Cook's Assistant Goblin Diplomacy The Restless Ghost Rune Mysteries Death Plateau Desert Treasure The Dig Site Druidic Ritual Dwarf Cannon Fight Arena Fishing Contest The Grand Tree Horror from the Deep Lost City Monkey Madness Priest in Peril Temple of Ikov The Tourist Trap Tree Gnome Village Troll Stronghold Waterfall Quest It has also done two mini quests in Recipe for Disaster "Dwarf" and "Wartface & Bentnoze" It has the Zamorak Halo which slows down certian prayers from draining so fast. Something really good about this account is that it is somewhat trusted in Mew2 CC dice clan. I made a video on it of me paying out 100M on youtube if you want to see the video just add me in and ask. This makes you very easy money as it is shown in the video of me making 50M in under ten minutes. Now I'm done with Runescape and instead playing Vindictus. A picture of all the wealth I earned from dicing. I have full information to the account. The email is registered to mines will be replaced with yours after it is sold. I am encouraging the use of an MM/OMM but I do not want to pay the fees. However there are many highly trusted free middle men. Quote: Originally Posted by saltyd0g360 huge vouch easy to work with good dude! Quote: Originally Posted by 984853 Vouch for Zolar bought 93range 10hp acc #4 for 30m thanks man! :p Used Billy Talent as MM So cheers and bid away.Selling level 69 Account - all Pure quest Done - But RFDSelling Level 69 Account Stats: Uploaded with Has most pure quest Done, Except RFD Any OfferS? Still has MemberShip to! Its In the Safe Zone
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