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    Quested Rune Pure! B Gloves! Zammy Bookall books in picture filled except Ancient 96 Combat with Summoning Slayer Helm!!99 mining/94 magic/addy gloves/firecape!a/w: offer! A/w: 15 dollars paypal. Will not go first, i have been on sythe for 3 years and not got banned yet, what does that tell you lol? Must let go fast! No recovs/email registration! Add me on : [email protected][pp/rsgp]very Nice 1 Def Pure With 86 Strength 60 AttackHi guys, I am here to sell my pure. I will accept RSGP, or Paypal USD. A/W for RSGP is 40m, or in USD $20. We Will Use OMM or MM. I will go first if your really trusted. If not, won't trade unless we use OMM or MM. UPDATE: Just got it 60 Attack, 43 Prayer, 70 Range, 20 Mage, 76 hp, 71(+2) CB, added membership, re-added recovery questions, but I'll supply that too. Will change e-mail to yours too. No Blackmarks, never been botted.Selling Maxed Pure [Chaotic Rapier][85 Dungeoneering][4x90]Selling my Chaotic Rapier Pure. Only accepting RSGP. A/W= 200m ALSO EXEPTING A BARROWS PURE My is [email protected][PP/RSGP]Fully Quested Zerker with 89 Str, 90 CB.Hey guys, I want to sell my zerker, I'ma let you guys offer on this one. Will take RSGP/ PP USD. It still can be a zerker, it's only 3 defense levels higher than 45, but not a huge problem. Finished, DT, MM, LC, Lunar, Horror From The Deep, on last step of RFD, but only has 127 QP, Legends, Shilo, Family Crest, and Fremmy Trals. It has Rune Defender, and full ghostly, other than that not really much of a bank..... I'm first owner. Will supply first password, and recoveries, will also change e-mail, if I remember it. ^^^ You can get reported for the dumbest reasons ever -.-75 str,att. 74 def. 71 mage. 90 wc. 54 prayer. great for devoloping! :Da great acc, perfect for making money through wc and for just developing for your main! PM me and we can discuss a price (RSGP)Buying Any Account, just with a membership! 4MPost stats here.Selling Ownage Rapier Staker! 5Bil+ made with it!Information about the accounts: - No Recoveries - No Registered Email - No Bankpin - No Blackmarks - I will go first to trusted people here, accounts comes with recovery information. Stats Stakes
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